What I learnt about myself while travelling solo

Bald Hill View

Recently I watched a documentary on David Gulpilil an aboriginal actor. Something he said has stuck with me. “In the blackfella world we share everything. Everything is ours. In the whitefella world it is private property and everything belongs to someone else.”  He went on to say “Blackfella world you have nothing, a spear and your ready to go. Whitefella have too much junk.”

It got me thinking about how we live our life. In our culture we collect things. My house is full of books that I have read once and will probably never pick up again. Vases that never hold flowers, ornaments and other dust collectors.Read More »

4wd Holland Track a Thrilling Outback Adventure

4wd Holland Track and Outback AdventureTo tell you the truth I was a little nervous about doing the Holland Track. I didn’t really know what to expect. I just knew we would be in a remote part of Western Australia 4wding for 3 days. Thoughts were running through my head like what if the kids get hurt or sick? What if we breakdown and can’t get help? I mean the thought of spending days on end in a car with small children is enough to send anyone into a panic attack. What I didn’t expect was to be intrigued by the pioneer John Holland and his life.

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A local’s guide to Perth

A Local's Guide to Perth

I am a Sandgroper, so who better to give you a local guide to Perth.  Not sure what a Sandgroper is? It is the affectionate name given to Western Australians as our state is full of sand!

Perth is the most isolated city in the world. It is easier and cheaper for us to duck over to Bali than visit our friends in the Eastern States. Perth is very laid back, we love getting outdoors and making the most of our glorious weather. In fact we enjoy more sunshine in Perth than any other city in Australia.Read More »