Review on Sarah’s Day ebook: Sweat it to shred it (1)I am a yo-yo dieter. Someone who gains 6-8 kilos and then has to work hard to get the weight off only to find it creeps back on again.

I enjoy exercising, the outdoors and being active is part of our lifestyle.  Fad diets don’t interest me and I believe that you need to make lifestyle changes. Over the winter the kilos have crept back on and I gave myself a goal to get back into shape. To feel comfortable wearing my bikini at the Busselton Jetty Swim.Read More »

My favourite things to do in Busselton

Busselton Jetty Swim 2018We went back to where it all started, where Dixie and I met! Dixie was travelling around
Australia, living out of his Troop Carrier and I was in town supporting a friend doing the Busselton Iron Man. A conversation was struck between us at the Esplanade Hotel and well the rest is history!

Busselton holds a special place in our hearts and we decided to return for a family holiday. Busselton is a small coastal town set on the calm waters of the Geographe Bay south of Perth.  It is a great place to enjoy the outdoors with plenty of cycle paths, beaches and the locals are very friendly.Read More »

Review: Nature Play Books

walking in secret gardenGrowing up in rural Western Australia I was always playing in the bush, building cubby houses and riding my bike down dirt tracks.  Now I am a mother living in the city I have noticed that my children don’t have as much freedom or easy access to nature as what I had as a child.

I am not sure if it is because times have changed or this is just the way it has always been growing up in the city. Personally, I need my regular nature fix and I am happiest when I am outdoors.Read More »