Our Kids Bucket List

Flying Fox at Ring of Fire Campout

When we were in lockdown the kids starting talking about all the things they wanted to do! Some things we could achieve while we were at home, other experiences would need to wait.

I have my own bucket list which I have been ticketing off over the years.  I started to jot down their ideas and we have come up with our very own Kids Bucket List.

Our Kids Bucket List

  1. Go ice skating
  2. Touch a crocodile
  3. Learn how to knit (if you know how to teach a left-hander please help me out)
  4. Go zip lining
  5. Learn to surf
  6. Ride a two-wheeler motorbikejj-dirt-bike
  7. Swim with whale sharks
  8. See snow and build a snowman
  9. Go indoor rock climbing
  10. Collect sea glass
  11. Ride camels in Broome
  12. Climb Castle Rock, Porongurup
  13. Camp on a farmKids in canola
  14. Pat a million dogs
  15. Go to Disneyland
  16. Climb a lighthouse
  17. Visit the North Pole
  18. Watch turtles hatch
  19. Whale watching on a boat
  20. Explore a cave
  21. Fly in a helicopter
  22. Swim under a waterfall
  23. Go bushwalkingbush-walking
  24. Grow a vegetable garden
  25. Birdwatch
  26. Create a nature journal
  27. Build a bug hotel
  28. Start a YouTube channel (not sure they will get their parents approval)
  29. Take a journey on a steam train
  30. Visit an old jail

I am sure over time the list will evolve as they grow older and their interests change. For now, it is a good start and when we are stuck for something to do we can check back here for inspiration!

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7 thoughts on “Our Kids Bucket List

  1. What a great list! I’m not sure I could touch a crocodile unless it’s jaws were tied shut and a heap of men were sitting on top of it keeping it still. Then again – such drastic measures might not be needed if it were a baby crocodile! lol


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