Perth Local Loves

Perth Local Loves

I made a promise to myself to start supporting small businesses this year. There are so many wonderful Australian businesses out there selling unique products that you may not find in the shops.

Today I want to put the spotlight on three small businesses located here in Perth. Click on the links to find out more information. Please shop small when you can.


Hollie, a local Perth photographer has some stunning prints from her travels and outdoor adventures. She has used these images to create pouches.  The pouches can be used at the beach, lunch date, Sunday drinks or for any occasion.

I pop all my personal belongings in the pouch when I go to the beach. They are in one spot and easy to find. There is no digging around in my beach bag to find my sunglasses or phone. Check out the store here.

Oh reverie pouch

Turquoise Creative

Turquoise Creative sells a variety of eco-friendly cards, prints and notebooks. I just adore the plantable seeded paper greeting cards. I will be posting these cards to my loved ones in Melbourne who are currently in lockdown. They can read the card, plant it and watch daisies bloom. When the card is planted the paper will compost away to leave only flowers!

I have planted a card in my garden and I am patiently waiting for the flowers to bloom.  Follow me on Instagram and I will share in my stories once they flowers have grown. You can find the whole range here.


Srub Skin Co

French cafe owners of La Petite in Floreat hate waste so they have created a coffee scrub. Their body scrubs use natural ingredients including recycled coffee grinds, raw sugar, organic coconut oil and Vitamin E.

I rely on my morning coffee and now I have discovered that I need coffee for more than just a pick me up! Coffee can benefit your skin in numerous ways such as cellulite reduction, acne treatment and much more.

I noticed a difference after the first use, my skin felt smoother and moisturised. The texture is gentle and a packet goes a long way.

Pop over the Scrub Skin Co website to find out more!

Scrub Skin Co

Please share in the comments below if you know of some other fabulous small local businesses. I would love to check them out.

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3 thoughts on “Perth Local Loves

  1. I’ve just heard about a PERTH company that produces their own shampoo & conditioner plus a couple of other products. It is all made here in Perth. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m going to give it a go. It’s called Dianne Caine Australia.


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