Ten on Ten: These Days

Welcome to ten on ten! On the 10th of each month I share 10 photos from our family life.

Spring is here and the weather is warming up so we have been making the most of it.

Balmy Nights


We swam under a dark stormy sky and watched the lightening crack in the distance.

Fish and Chips at beach

All that swimming worked up an appetite! The four of us all squeezed into the back of the Landcruiser and ate fish and chips while we watched the sunset.

Sorrento Beach

As the rain fell my daughter and I danced, getting soaked to the bone. Not a care in the world, just being in the moment.

I wish that I had gabbed my camera as we ran out the door. Oh well at least I capture some images on my phone.

Getting Fit and Making plans

I hate to admit it but over the winter months quiet a few kilos have piled on. Needing motivation to keep fit I have signed up for the Busselton Jetty swim. This is a 3.6km open water swim around the iconic jetty.

Craigie Bushland

The water polo season has started, I am mixing up my fitness routine and running in the Craigie Bushland.

Pixie Mops

I might have got a bit sidetracked on my run and taken a few pics of wildflowers! How beautiful is this Pixie Mops?  Again I wish I had my camera with me!

Sit and Get Fit

Hillary's Helicopter

Combining fun and fitness we launched the kayaks at Hillary’s Boat Harbour. Again I got sidetracked! I was envious of the people who were embarking on a scenic flight to see Perth’s beautiful coastline.

If only we had a helipad on our luxury kayak!

Camping at Dwellingup

Dwellingup Murray River

It is becoming a tradition that my water polo buddies and I go camping each year to Dwellingup. Tony’s Bend camp ground is set in the Jarrah Forrest near the banks of the Murray River.

Our days were spent walking, swimming, kayaking, warming up by the camp fire and of course enjoying a few wines!

Puddle Jump

Master B was in heaven with puddles galore!

Puddle Jumping

Splash! It was off to the river to wash him down before I let him sleep in our tent!

Wildflowers Lane Poole

If you are a regular on my blog you will know that I enjoy looking for wildflowers. The wildflowers were very small in this area but it didn’t stop them from brightened up the bush.

So there you have it! That is what we have been up to these days. What about you? Have you been enjoying spring? Do you also get side tracked?

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19 thoughts on “Ten on Ten: These Days

  1. So much beauty and wonder in your shots Anne! I always enjoy seeing what you have captured on film! Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek 44/52 Next Week: Taking Stock (last one for 2017)


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