Fitness challenges that takes you to new destinations

fitness challenges that takes you to new destinations

A majority of people who make new years resolutions include something to do with health and fitness. Your resolution could be to drop a dress size, fit back into your favourite pair of jeans or to simply get fit.

Now lets face it January is usually a write-off as we are in the full swing of summer holidays.  And who doesn’t love an ice cold beer on a hot summers night? January is over and February is here so it is time to put those new years resolutions into action!

Exercise does wonders for my soul. The fresh air and endorphin released after a workout gives me a positive boost for the day. I love exercising but sometimes I still find myself making excuses as to why I can’t fit in a run or swim.  That is why I need to set myself a challenge. Sign up to an event or organised a hike with friends so I stay on track.

Why not kill two birds with one stone? Set a fitness challenge in another location and have a holiday at the same time. Climb a mountain in Kota Kinabalu or compete in a Stand Up Paddle Board race in Hawaii. There are so many options!

Here are some outdoor fitness ideas to keep you on track!

Open Water Swimming


Yes that is right, swim out there in the ocean with the sharks! During the summer months there are plenty of open water events to compete in. I have swum in the Rottnest Channel Swim four times, a 19.7km open water swim from Cottesloe Beach to Rottnest Island. Put on your bathers, googles and swimming cap and hit the water!


Pink Traithlon.jpg

Swim, Cycle, Run. Anyone can enter, you just need the basic skills in each leg of the race. There are different distances and the Novice Event is always a good one to start with which is a 250m swim, 10km cycle and 2km run. For the ladies if you are a bit nervous about doing a triathlon I recommend doing Triathlon Pink. It is a ladies only triathlon which travels around Australia raising money for breast cancer.



What is easier than putting on your running shoes and heading straight out the door for a run. Anyone can do it! If you want to run with other people Park Run organise weekly 5km timed runs around the world and it is free! There are plenty of other running events and who knows maybe you could work your way up to a marathon!


Hiking Bluff Knoll

Hiking is one of my favourite things to do. I have a real love of the Australian bush so if I am outdoors surrounded by nature I am happy.  Trails often have changing landscapes and the track can be challenging. For those of you in Perth we are lucky to have lots of trails right on our doorstep.

SUP Racing

Stand Up Paddle is a fast growing sport.  There are many disciplines of SUP, including surfing, racing in a surf break, flat water sprints or flat water marathons with distances ranging from 200m to 20kms! Even if you don’t want to compete in an event getting out on the water and looking down at the marine life is incentive enough.

Climb a mountain

Bluff Knoll PeakClimbing a mountain is exhilarating and it challenges your body. In Australia we don’t have the highest mountains in the world but they offer superb views of the landscape. There is something about climbing a mountain, it is a huge sense of achievement when you reach the summit.

Mountain Bike Riding

cyclists-trail-bike-clouds-163407 (1024x682)

If speed and adventure is what you are after hit the trails. Discover new parts of the world as you ride over rough terrain. Get access to places that very few have seen. Wherever you are in the world chances are there is a forest trail you can explore on a bike.

What is your favourite way to exercise? Do you have any others activities to add to the list?

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29 thoughts on “Fitness challenges that takes you to new destinations

  1. Some great ideas. I’m considering what my next hike will be – although after Milford Track I vowed I’d never ever ever climb another mountain again…but now I’m beginning to reconsider… #TeamLovinLife

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  2. These are all way out of my comfort zone – but also challenge me to think outside of my little exercise box – although you will NEVER get me swimming with a shark risk these days (only in a pool or in the shallows so I can keep my eyes open for fins!)


  3. I love the outdoors and being active too. Makes me feel good. I’m a shorty and not an athletic build and I’m getting older now so some of these are a bit much for me but some are perfect for me – at my own pace. As long as we keep active – use it or lose it is very true! #TeamLovinLife


  4. Great post. I’m limited with what I can do on my adventures these days. It’s frustrating. I’m off to the Gold Coast this weekend and the blogger friend asked me if I was afraid of heights. Now I’m slightly concerned what exactly I’ve signed up for. LOL

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  5. I love running Anne and regularly run around Brisbane CBD and Southbank because it is near where I live. It is great to be in the outdoors and I also enjoy working out in the park. I once did a 4 day walk through the Blue Mountains which was lovely. I agree that fitness challenges outdoors are much more enjoyable than just working out in the gym.

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  6. A great list of fitness and fun activities, Anne. There is a Wellness link up currently opened on my blog. Please feel free to link your post. Other readers and bloggers could benefit from your list of ideas.

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  7. I’m not a huge fan of mountains or hills or the like, but like the idea of keeping fit when travelling so would consider a hike that involved sightseeing as much as exercise.

    I’m travelling later this year and thinking I want to walk (or at least wander about) as much as possible. #teamlovinlife

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