Photo Essay: Australia Day at Sandy Cape

Sandy Cape.jpg

We rolled into Sandy Cape Recreational Park in the hope to get a camping spot for the Australia Day long weekend. I said a little prayer “Hail Mary full of grace, please find us a camping space”. And what do you know we got the last site available! 

Sandy Cape Rec.jpg

We explored our new home and got ready for the salty life!

Sandy Cape Sunset.jpg

After the sun went down we snuggled into our camper trailer and listened to the wind on the canvas. The wind howled all night but thankfully the morning was still.

Sandy Cape Kayak

Sandy Cape Kayaking.jpg

It was time to sit and get fit! We explored, found small secluded beaches, snorkeled, swam and enjoyed the salty water on our skin.

Sandy Cape 4wd.jpg

No camping trip is complete without a bit of 4wding! There is nothing better than getting away from the crowds and having your own sandy patch of beach.

Bee Hive.jpg

But we did have to share the beach with a few thousand bees!

Sandy Cape Aust Day.jpg

We spent the entire Austalia Day at the beach. Relaxing on the sand, swimming, climbing the sand dunes and the children made friends with all the dogs!

Sandy Cape EmuEmu at Sandy CapeSandy Cape Emus

The weekend was over and we were heading home. As we drove out we spotted emus in the dunes!

I am sure many WA people would have enjoyed a bush chook (Emu Export) or two this Australia Day weekend!

For more information on the Sandy Cape campground and to read my review click here.

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39 thoughts on “Photo Essay: Australia Day at Sandy Cape

  1. That really was a wonderful Australia Day weekend! Wow. I loved the colour of the sand and the water.
    Thanks for linking up for #lifethisweek 5/52. Next week’s optional prompt is “Starting School Memories”.


  2. OMG how beautiful is that place! And Emu’s on sand dunes?! I have never seen such a thing. What a wonderful weekend that would have been. #TeamLovinLife


  3. I’m so glad you blogged about Sandy Cape Anne. We visited here 4 years ago on our travels and I was absolutely blown away by this place. Thank you for the memories. #TeamLovinLife


  4. Wow! Simply beautiful! And I love the Emus – that would be so foreign to me as we would never see Emu’s on our beaches here in the States! #TPThursday


  5. What an excellent place to camp! I know how difficult it is to find a spot on holiday weekends. I have freaked out sometimes (and thought we were going to sleep in the car) but ended up finding a spot. I like the beaches and emus in here! #TPThursday


  6. The perfect way to spend Australia Day and how lovely to see Emus on the Dunes! I’m jealous. Never heard of a bush chook. We call Ibis, Bin Chickens in Queensland.


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