Wandering Walpole’s Wilderness

Wandering Walpole's Wilderness WA.jpgThere is something special about Walpole. A little town surrounded by natural beauty. You don’t have to wander too far to discover everything on offer. Spend your days swimming, bushwalking, kayaking, taking a scenic drive and immerse yourself in nature.

If you are planning a trip to Walpole then I have got you covered. Check out these attractions, you will not regret it!

Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk

There is something about walking in the bush, the fresh air and stillness does wonders for my soul. Instead of walking on the ground we go up high, 40 meters in the sky to be exact. It gave us a chance to see the forest from a different perspective.

Even though we were up so high the trees still towered above us. The children showed no fear and ran along the bridge in search of birds and dinosaurs! Cause you just never know what a dinosaur might be stomping through a forest.

Tree Top Walk.jpg

Once you are back on solid ground follow the walking trail to the Ancient Empire. The path meanders across the forest floor and you can walk inside giant tingle trees. Plenty of birds were flying around and eating seeds from the low branches of the trees. To tell you the truth I enjoyed the Ancient Empire just as much if not more than the tree top walk.

Walpole Inlet

Jetty at Walpole.jpg

The town is situated around the Walpole Inlet, it is the heart of the town.  The inlet is huge with dark tannin-rich water.

Kayaking Walpole (1024x768).jpg

We launched our kayaks numerous times and explored the inlet and river. The edges of the water are surrounded by thick bush, rocks, hills which makes for a picturesque paddle.

Coalmine Beach.jpg

Coalmine beach has a nice sandy beach where you can relax, swim or try your luck at fishing. Take a peaceful stroll along the walking tracks around the inlet, these paths are actually part of the Bibbulmun Track. Don’t forget the camera as there are some amazing views!

Conspicuous Cliffs

Conspicuous Cliffs.jpg

We almost bypassed Conspicuous Cliffs, the children were asleep when we arrived and we contemplated driving straight past. It would be a crime if we came this far and didn’t go exploring!

The path goes in two directions, down to the beach or to a lookout. Totally worth climbing all the stairs to the lookout, I mean look at that view!

Down below at the beach, there is a beautiful clear river that flows out to the ocean. The sea looks rough with continual waves crashing on the shore. Not a place you want to go swimming but totally worth putting your feet in the water.

Peaceful Bay

Peacful Bay.jpg

Oh my, what a glorious place! The water is crystal clear and there are plenty of rocks in the shallows to explore. Perfect spot for little ones to enjoy and beach comb. The town of Peaceful Bay is pretty small and mainly made up of holiday accommodation. Peaceful Bay is just that, peaceful.

4wd to stunning beaches

Dixie spotted a track at Peaceful Bay and without hesitation, he put the Landcruiser into 4wd and went off exploring. We lowered our tyre pressure as the track has soft sand. There are rubber mats and wooden sections to help maintain the track. The track to Salmon Beach was closed however if you are looking for a secluded place to camp there are two small campgrounds under shady trees along the track.

4wd WalpoleRame Head 4wd

As the track was closed we followed the sign to Rame Head and came across a magical beach. We spent most of our day at what I think is Freddie’s Bay swimming, scampering over rocks and spotting crabs in the rock pools. The best thing about having a 4wd is having a place all to yourself.

Freddies bay beachFreddies Bay

Floating in crystal clear water is just divine! See what I mean, the beach is magical!

After we had enough sun, sea and salt we got back in the 4wd and headed a little further down the coast to Rame Head. The coastline is rugged with large cliffs going down to the water.

4wd Rame Head.jpg

Rame Head.jpg

Everyone jumped out of the car and discovered little coves on foot. You feel so small walking on the beach with the cliffs behind you and a vast ocean in front. Spectacular scenery by mother nature.

Scenic drive to Giant Tingle Tree and Circular Pool

Who doesn’t love a scenic drive? Especial when it winds its way through a tingle and karri forest.

Tingle Tree.jpg

Have you ever seen such a huge tree?  The red tingle tree is hollowed out due to a fire and you can walk straight through it! The giant tingle tree is the oldest living eucalypt in the world.  Tingle trees can have a diameter of up to 20 meters, that is huge!

Giant Tingle Tree

It is amazing that the tree is still living even though it has been damaged by fire.

Circular Pool rapid

One of the locals told us to take a dip at Circular Pool. A beautiful spot with water flowing over the rocks and into the pool below. The water was cool, clear and red! I wasn’t sure if you should really be swimming in this water but figured when in Rome! So we jumped in and cooled off, I survived and my skin didn’t change colour!

Turns out eucalypt leaves that make the water red.

Circular Pool.jpgThey don’t recommend swimming at Circular Pool as the rocks are pretty slippery!


We set up our camper trailer at Rest Point Holiday Village which is located right on the banks of the Walpole and Nornalup Inlet Marine Park. There is a boat ramp at the park and we launched our kayaks into the inlet. The jumping pillow was the biggest hit with our children!

If camping is not your thing they have chalets with views of the water!

There are plenty of other accommodation options such as motels, resorts and cabins. Bookings.com has a great range of accommodation to suit your needs.

If you want to get back to nature then look no further that Walpole!

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19 thoughts on “Wandering Walpole’s Wilderness

  1. Wow, how awesome! I love Walpole and have done a bit of hiking along the some of the tracks, and paddled through the Nornalup inlet too- it’s beautiful! Looks like you had a great time!


  2. Walpole is magic isn’t it? There’s much to do, see and explore and it’s not crowded. One of those fabulous regional towns where things haven’t changed much in years and where you are just so free to be. Loved your photos 🙂


  3. Wow! What a beautiful place Walpole! So much to offer, and your photographs have me drooling! I adore nature. When I saw the name Walpole I was first taken back to primary school where I had a friend whose surname was Walpole! WA sure has some treasures. I visited Perth in October 2017. I explored the city and the beautiful Kings Park, visited Fremantle, and did a day bus tour to Margaret River but there is so much more I want to see over there so I will be back over that side of Australia as soon as I can that’s for sure. #TeamLovinLife


  4. This is a remarkable region in South West WA. Those trees are towering giants and you wouldn’t expect to see such tall trees in Australia. The beaches in this area are also incredible. I really enjoyed our travel in the South West. #TeamLovinLife


  5. Wow! This looks absolutely magical! I’ve done a little traveling around WA, but Walpole is always somewhere I’ve managed to miss. Such a shame because it is definitely up there on my bucket list! Xx

    Kez | acaciasdreams.com


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