What I learnt on my Photo Essay Course


Photography is something that I struggle with and I often hand the camera over to my partner Dixie. I shy away from taking photos as he is much better at it than me. I decided it was time to take action so I enrolled with the University of Tasmania to do a Photo Essay Course.

I really enjoyed the course as it got me out of my comfort zone by capturing images that I wouldn’t normally shoot.

Here are some of the things I took away from doing the course.Read More »

Win a Self Guided City App with GPSmyCity

Have you ever had trouble trying to find a tourist attraction in a new city? Found yourself walking in circles? Strolling the streets aimlessly?

So many times I recall being in a new city following the tourist signs which lead to a major attraction, then the signs seem to stop. You know you must be close but you just can’t find your way. You ask a local and things seem to get lost in translation.Read More »

‘The Bikini Cookbook’ Fundraiser for SANE Australia

Around half of us will experience mental health problems at some point of our lives. This figure is staggering and I know that so many people still suffer in silence and don’t seek the help they need.

Good mental health is as important as good physical health and both can be helped by living a healthy lifestyle. Here are some points to help you improve your mental health as per SANE Australia.Read More »

Lakeside Camping at Lake Towerrinning

Lake Towerrinning

Lake Towerrinning seemed to appear out of nowhere and it looked like an oasis after driving in the dry Australian country side. I was surprised at the size of the lake (256 hectares) as it was much larger than I expected. It is a semi-freshwater lake and is a popular spot for swimming, water skiing, kayaking and picnics. The lake is also home to long neck turtles and over 171 species of birds.Read More »