Giveaway: Elektra Cloud9 Nap Mat

Elektra Bubs Nap Mat

We are always heading off on little adventures with our two children and this means we are often not home at nap time. The children often slept in the sling or pram but now Master B is older and much more aware it makes it harder to get him to sleep while we are on the move.

Now when we are heading out or the kids are having a sleepover I throw the The Elektra Cloud9 Nap Mat over my shoulder and we are set for nap time.Elektra Bubs & Tots Product Shoot

The Elektra Cloud9 Nap Mat is a 3-in-1 sleeping unit that is perfect for kids. It is easy to carry as it rolls ups, clips together and has a carry handle. Once you know where your child will be resting their weary head simply undo the buckles and roll out the mat.  The comfy mat is quilted, has a removable pillow and a blanket all in one handy pack.

Elektra Bub provides a choice of two colours, pink teddy bears or the blue dinosaurs. Quality polyester fabric is used for durability and stain resistance, with a cotton fabric inner for the blanket. Hotel grade pillows are chosen for ultimate comfort and cleaning. They are machine washable so it is easy to clean.

Elektra Bubs & Tots Product Shoot

Elektra Bub Tots & Kids Shop and I have organised a giveaway. Simply leave me a comment as to why you would like to win The Clound9 Nap Mat (RRP $89.95) by 10 December 2015 to be in with a chance to win. This competition is only open to Australian residents.

Thank you to everyone who entered and the winner is Danielle.

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19 thoughts on “Giveaway: Elektra Cloud9 Nap Mat

  1. This would be perfect when the nieces come and stay over. I’m always at a loss trying to find something cosy for them to snuggle in that makes them feel they are at their home away from home.


  2. What a genius idea! Perfect coming up to Christmas time to carry a little bit of home napping comfort to all the inevitable visits that are happening! 🙂


  3. We spend a lot of our holidays camping, so the Elektra cloud9 nap & mat would be a great addition to our gear. Stain resistance is great, and the fact it’s machine washable is even better. Since the Elektra rolls up, it won’t take hardly any space up in our car which is an added bonus!


  4. Awesome prize to win at this time of the year when there are so many families travelling for Christmas. I would love the blue dinosaur design for my 16 month old little man


  5. So the little guy can get some zeds while we’re out and about, and wife can stop stressing about germs, flea’s, nits and all the other gremlins she doesn’t want jumping onto him from ‘strange’ bedding lol


  6. I have a friend whose child would go to sleep anywhere as long as she had her sheepskin to sleep on. I’d love to have my son become attached to his nap mat in the same way-it would make life so much easier!


  7. Oh how much easier would this be, always handy for your own when you go out or for visiting kids to lay down and have a nap anywhere


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