Torquoise Coast and Lake Indoon

Sandy Cape Nov-15 007.JPG

Sandy Cape Recreational Park

Sandy Cape Recreational Park just north of Jurien Bay (223 kms north of Perth) was a spot that farmers often camped at and the land was used by squatters. In the 1920’s they erected makeshift shacks but in 2002 the shacks were removed and Sandy Cape became a Recreational Camping Area opening in December 2004. It is now a very popular camping area and we often spend time camping here.Sandy Cape Nov-15 147

Beach shacks can still be found along the coast at Wedge Island and Grey and they have no electricity or running water. Going into these areas is like stepping into another world.

Sandy Cape is a great spot to camp by the beach, swim, snorkel, sandboard or do some beach fishing.  Take a walk through the sand dunes to a board walk  lookout. The view is breathtaking looking at the crystal clear turquoise water. The water is so clear as there are no rivers bringing silt into the ocean.

Sandy Cape Nov-15 170

Sandy Cape Nov-15 181

Sandy Cape Nov-15 182

While on the beach we spotted dolphins and seals swimming around. I had just read that Great White sharks are often found near seal colonies so while I was doing some swimming training  for Swim to Rotto my knuckles were almost dragging on the ocean floor!


North Head at Jurien Bay

Taking the 4wd track from Sandy Cape we headed to North Head and found a magical bay that we had all to ourselves and the water was crystal clear. We spotted a sting ray swimming close to the shore and it seemed very curious and glided in close to have a look at us.

Sandy Cape Nov-15 229

Sandy Cape Nov-15 232

Sandy Cape Nov-15 243

During the drive we came across WWII radar installations shelters and Bartles memorial, built to commemorate a man taken by a shark in 1967.

Sandy Cape Nov-15 249.JPG

Sandy Cape Nov-15 250

Sandy Cape Nov-15 248

Lake Indoon

Sandy Cape Nov-15 117.JPG

Lake Indoon is a  fresh water lake that is located 19 kms east of Leeman on the Eneabba-Coolimba road.  The lake covers 130 hectares which has a boat ramp and is popular for water skiing. There are signs that state if the water is over 24C that Amoenic Meningitis may be present so I would not risk swimming there.

Camping at Lake Indoon is free and the facilities include toilets, showers, gas BBQ’s and a tank for drinking water.

Sandy Cape Nov-15 119.JPG

There is lots of bird life on the lake, kangaroos and emus also use the lake as a watering ground and they are best seen at dusk.

Sandy Cape Nov-15 124.JPG

Sandy Bay is a great little spot to camp and you can read more about the camp ground here.

Do you like to camp? Do you usually holiday at the same spot?

12 thoughts on “Torquoise Coast and Lake Indoon

  1. Oh my goodness….every time one of your posts pops into my inbox it makes me want to pack everything up and drive across the country to one of these spectacular looking spots. The clearness of the water in your photos is just amazing! Can’t wait to get there.


  2. […] It was a great little spot to base ourselves and explore the area. There are plenty of 4wd tracks to explore along the coast and also inland to Stockyard Gully Cave. We followed the sandy riverbed through the dark limestone cave for 300 metres. Once we finished exploring we took the Pearson Track to Lake Indoon. […]


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