Keep fit while travelling

I still like to keep up my fitness routine while we are on holiday so on our recent camping trip to Sandy Cape Recreational Park I was making use of the area.


Swim to Rotto is a 19.7km ocean race and it is an event that I am training for. Most of my training has been in the pool so I made the use of the bay and fitted in plenty of swimming training. Dealing with the currents proves to be a bit of a challenge so it was good to get some ocean training in.

Sandy Cape Nov-15 217.JPG

Beach Running

Going for a beach run was my warm up before I started my work out and lets face it running with a view is much nicer! If you are new to beach running start by running at low tide on  the hard sand by the waters edge.

Sandy Cape Nov-15 106.JPG

Anywhere work out

I have put together a circuit that you can do anywhere and you don’t need any equipment. Warm up by going for a walk or run and then get straight into it.


Repeat this work out 2 or 3 times and remember to always consult your doctor before you take on any exercise program.

Sandy Cape Nov-15 111

How do you keep fit while travelling?

9 thoughts on “Keep fit while travelling

  1. Our camping trips inevitably involve lots of walking, whether it’s trekking up mountains or bush walking. Its such a great way to experience a place and keep fit.


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