Country within Australia: Principality of Hutt River

principality-of-hutt-riverAll it takes is driving 31 kilometers along a dirt road from Port Gregory and then you are in another country! We even got our passports stamped and the children were issued with visas to prove it!

The Principality of Hutt river is situated 595 kilometers north of Perth and the area is 75 square kilometers. Most of the land is used for farming but they also have a town site called Nain. There are a number of buildings including a Chapel, Post Office, Government Offices and Tea Rooms with a pool.

The Australian Government ordered them with a wheat quota of 1647 bushels for 18,500 acre property in 1969. This meant that they could not earn enough money to survive on the land. This is why Hutt River became an Independent Sovereign State having seceded from Australia in 1970.

On arrival we strolled through the town along with a million flies! Entered the church and sat in the Princess chair which is located on the right as princesses are always right! At the Government Office/Post Office we got to see their own currency and stamps. I really should have posted a letter to someone while we were there as it is not every day you get letters from another country.

We shook hands with Prince Leonard and he gave us a private tour showing us letters from the Queen and gifts he has been given from leaders all over the world. He was even gifted part of a cable from the San Francisco Bridge. Prince Leonard is 91 years old, he has a great sense of humour and is very intelligent practicing mathematical formulas every day.

Princess Shirley has passed away and there is an educational shrine in honour of her.


If you are in the area it is worth having a look.  It is a credit to Prince Leonard and his family for becoming an independent state as he could have potentially been forced off his land by the government. It is unusual place but very entertaining.

Campground at PHR

Located not far from the town of Nain and close to the Hutt River is a campground. It is a large open space with some natural bush land. It costs $5 per person, children are free and it is pet friendly. There are no powered sites but there is a small ablution block and a gazebo.

8 thoughts on “Country within Australia: Principality of Hutt River

  1. I have always been fascinated by Hutt River Province, ever since I was a kid and they declared independence. They were (and are) quite the novelty. I can’t believe Prince Leonard is still going. I wonder what will happen when he eventually goes to that great Principality in the sky? Great story.


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