Nurture in Nature Day with Little Gumnuts


How often can you let the children play in nature while you take some time out for yourself to relax and have a bowen bodywork? That is right the children were off exploring in the bush, using their senses, having a great time and I was also enjoying myself.

Recently we went to Yanchep National Park to attend a holiday program called Nurture in Nature with Little Gumnuts. Little Gumnuts offers nature education programs for children. Nature play is the main focus and the children have unstructured play to learn about the world.

The session started with a walk up a rocky hill where we sat surrounded by nature and the children listen to some stories. Master B no longer wants me to help him navigate the path and wants to do everything for himself. At times I find it hard to let him go, there were a few stumbles and trips but he made is way to the top. He may only be 2 but I have seen a real shift in him, he is starting to grow up.

Next the children went into a gully where they had the opportunity to dig, make mud pies, use some tools to cut and shave some twigs. We took a stroll in the sunshine, children had buckets in hand looking for items that they could use to make pictures when they returned. There was a real mix of age groups. The older children were climbing trees and jumping down from a comfortable height while the younger children were comfortable balancing on a log. The children seemed to know their limits and only did what was in their comfort zone.

Back at the lodge there was an array of activities. My children were mainly interested in sensory play, allowing their little fingers to move through a tub of oats, seeds and beans. Using an old fashioned beater to mix the concoction and watch the mixture move around.

Little Gum Nuts 008.JPG

The kids were sorted and now it was my time! I must admit I was drawn to this Nurture in Nature Day as it was not just beneficial for the children but I also got something out of it! Little Gumnuts teamed up with Jen Taylor from Loving Change to offer the parents a bowen session.

Little Gum Nuts 052.JPG

Bowen is a soft tissue treatment, it consists of a series of specific moves performed through light clothing.  It’s restorative approach can assist many ailments and injuries, whilst instilling a sense of ease and calmness throughout the body.

I have not had a bowen treatment before so laying on the massage table I didn’t know what to expect. It is a very gentle treatment and there is a big delay in between moves. This is to allow the body time to respond and self heal.

After the session I felt very relaxed and so where the children! The morning was a win win situation.

Have you had a win win situation lately? Have you been to a nature playgroup or had a Bowen treatment?

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