5 Spontaneous Things to do This Weekend in and around Perth

As a family we always decide on a whim what we will do on the weekend and we love a new adventure. Today we have guest blogger Jayde Ferguson from Skydive Geronimo who has given a great list of spontaneous things to do around Perth. What will you get up to this weekend?

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Western Australia is home to some pretty breathtaking spots. Whether you’re travelling over for a little slice of paradise or you’re lucky enough to live here, there’s something spontaneous for everyone to enjoy. And who doesn’t love a spur-of-the-moment adventure anyway? Creating an ultimate Perth bucket list for things to see and do can be the perfect place to start.

For those that want to quench their thirst for amazing experiences, exploring WA’s coastal dream will fix that free-spirit craving. From underwater adventures to adrenalin-seeking craziness, you don’t need to delve too deep to get involved. And without needing to plan too much to make it happen, you’ll be loving all the spontaneity that comes with these things to do. Plus, too much planning is so overrated!

1. Indulge in Perth’s Best Snorkelling Spots

If you love opening your eyes to nature’s wonders, then experiencing Perth’s best snorkelling spots is a must. An underwater beauty that doesn’t require forking out any money (unless you need to buy a snorkel and a mask) and it’s close to perfect for a warm summers’ day. You can see some amazing reefs pretty much anywhere along WA’s coastline – especially down south from Perth, up north and the West Coast Highway drive.

The top rated snorkelling spots, if you want the best in Perth, include Seal Island in Rockingham, Rottnest Island, Cottesloe Beach, Little Island in Hillarys, Mettams Pool North Beach and Penguin Island, just to name a few. But if you’re feeling adventurous you can venture out to find your own just as easily too. Perth’s coastline is dotted with a sea of rocks begging to be explored – and all you need is a good snorkel set.

2. Go Skydiving Over Rottnest Island

For the real go-getters, taking the plunge and skydiving over Rottnest Island will literally leave you feeling breathless for the entire day. Definitely not for the faint-hearted, skydiving is one of the best ways to simply blow your mind and take spontaneous adventures to a whole new level. And whilst there’s a few Perth hot-spots that can take you on the adrenalin-fuelled journey, Rottnest Island’s newest exploit allows you to witness some of the most stunning views like you’ve never seen them before – at lightening pace.

Skydive Geronimo

Whilst this activity will require a little bit of pre-planning, the end result will definitely be worth it. From conquering your fears, which will make you feel more empowered than ever before, to taking in a unique combination of exhilaration and perfectly calm tranquillity, skydiving over Rottnest Island with Skydive Geronimo really is a beautiful thing. And it’s about as close to flying as humans can actually get – so you may as well go for it!

3. Swim with the Sharks

Ever wanted to swim with the sharks? AQWA – Perth’s marine aquarium in the heart of Hillarys – has a little something for every adventurer. Get the family together and learn about all the marine life renowned to Australia, check out the touch pool or venture under the aquarium to get the full impact of sharks, turtles, stingrays and other sea creatures. But if you’re craving something more daring – then diving with the sharks is definitely a winner!

You’ll need a certified diving ticket for this one or if you don’t have it, there is an option to snorkel at the top of the aquarium with the sharks. Whilst you won’t get as close to them as the actual dive, it will still make for a fun experience. AQWA have a few thrill-seeking packages, including the reefwalker which doesn’t require diving skills. All equipment hire is included in the prices and you’ll be briefed before each experience.  

4. A Little Slice of History in Fremantle

Fremantle, just south of Perth, is home to some of the most fascinating culture-inspired attractions. Spending a full day walking around the area can make you feel like you’ve gone away for the weekend – it really is a place of its own. Indulge in some seasonal art exhibitions at the Fremantle Arts Centre or grab tickets to the latest live music show. Take a trip to the horrors of the Fremantle Prison on the Escape tour and brush up on those history lessons in the most spectacular way.

Fremantle always has lots different things going on, so there’s always something great to do. The Fremantle Chilli Festival is a popular option, try the latest local produce at Fremantle markets or have a beer and a feed at the huge range of historic pubs and breweries. Venture back a few decades with the Maritime Museum, grab a coffee in the cappuccino strip or view the round house and tall ships at the harbour.

5. Take a Trip to the Swan Valley or Perth Hills Wine Regions

Just like Fremantle is a complete world of its own, a day or weekend out in the Swan Valley or Perth Hills can be the best ‘mini’ holiday. Surrounded by some of Perth’s best wineries with wine tours and free tastings on offer, amazing breakfast and lunch spots, boutique bars and distilleries and family fun attractions, there’s a taste of something different for every adventurer.   

Renowned as ‘The Valley of Taste’, the Swan Valley has oodles of spontaneous activities to experience. And you can do something different every time! The valley of taste is home to wildlife encounters, the maze and outback splash (with Australia’s largest water slide playground), the Margaret River chocolate factory and some of the tastiest food and wine around. You can even develop your wine tasting skills with food and wine matching courses or some boozy wine tours to get your taste buds going!

Author Bio: This article is written by Jayde Ferguson, who writes for Skydive Geronimo – Perth’s premium skydiving company with Drop Zones on Rottnest Island and in Busselton. You can catch her on Google+.

7 thoughts on “5 Spontaneous Things to do This Weekend in and around Perth

  1. This is a great resource for people visiting Perth. When I visited I really only got to check out Scarborough Beach, the city and Fremantle. There is obviously heaps more to see and do in Perth. 🙂


  2. Fantastic to read some ideas of what to do around Perth! I’ve never been to Perth or anywhere near WA but one day I’d like to. I think I’ll stick to the less adventurous ideas though – no way would I sky dive or swim with sharks. I’m a wimp! lol xo


  3. Hi Anne – WOW amazing blog! Thanks for visiting mine. How did you find my blog? BTW – Following yours now….! Just Amazed how awesome it is! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This post is obviously an ad for the skydiving business. Have a look around Guildford, at the entrance to the Swan Valley. It is an historic place, originally laid out as an English Village.


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