Day trip to Rottnest Island

After my 19.7km duo swim to Rottnest Island I decided that I needed to go back and enjoy the island.  Take the time to reflect on our swim, enjoy the beaches and everything the island has to offer.

Thompson Bay.JPG

We boarded the ferry at Hillary’s and headed out on the high seas! The kids loved looking out the window at all the passing boats and watching the water splash on the windows. After a 40 minute ferry ride we had reached our destination, the picturesque Rottnest Island or affectionately know as Rotto.

Rottnest Island is 11 kilometers long and 4.5 kilometers at its widest point so it makes it easy to explore. The island has crystal clear waters, secluded beaches, stunning coral reefs and home to the Quokka.


Quokka at Rottnest.JPG

Personally I think the best way to see the island is by bike but be warned there are plenty of hills around! However with two small children we decided to take the hop on hop off bus around the island. I didn’t want to risk the chance of a child having a melt down on the other side of the island with only a bike to get us back! The bus stops at 19 different spots on the island so you can cover plenty of ground.

Bus at Rotto.JPGSalmon Bay

Salmon Bay.JPG

Salmon Bay is a beautiful beach with crystal clear water and plenty of marine life. The reef is located just off the beach so we put on our snorkel, fins and headed off looking for fish.

Snorkelling at Salmon Bay.JPG

We were not disappointed with what we saw under the water, lots of tropical fish and coral.

The morning was spent with Dixie and I taking turns snorkelling. The kids were enjoying the water, swimming, building sand castles, looking for shells and chasing seagulls.

Chasing Seagulls.JPG

Geordie Bay

Geordie BayAccommodation Geordie Bay

A quick lunch stop at Geordie Bay, fuel up the body for more adventures! The bay was filled with boats, so many people coming over to make the most of the glorious weather. We dreamed about owning a boat so we could frequent the island!

The Basin

The Basin

The Basin is a unique swimming spot. It look like a circular hole has been cut out of the reef leaving a sandy area to swim in. With plenty of shade and calm clear water it is a popular spot, especially as it is so close to the main settlement.

A quick dip, some more snorkelling and sadly it is time to make our way back to the ferry. The day just went so fast, there are so many more wonderful beaches and other areas to explore. Looks like we need to take another trip back to the island and stay for a while!

Bikes at The Basin

I am already planning our next trip as there is so much to do. Maybe surf a few waves, skydive, watch the New Zealand Fur Seals colony as they enjoy basking on the rocks or let the kids climb, jump and slide on the inflatable water park.

Take me back to the Island!

Ship at Rottnest.JPG

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19 thoughts on “Day trip to Rottnest Island

  1. It looks amazing, having been born and bred in Perth I spent a lot of time over at Rotto in my earlier years but sadly have not been there in a long, long time. We were scheduled to go last year, but had to change our plans and will make sure 2016 brings us to Rotto to make some new memories… and take a Quokka selfie 🙂


  2. Rottnest Island looks incredible! I visited Perth to see friends who were over from the UK a couple of years ago but unfortunately didn’t have time to get to Rotto 😦 Planning on including it when I do a three week tour of the West Coast! Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures 🙂 #TheWeeklyPostcard


  3. We visited Rottnest on a day trip back before children whilst we were working in Western Australia. Loved it. Although the main memory I have is of a huge snake slithering across the road in front of us whilst we were cycling! #Theweeklypostcard


  4. I read recently that Rottnest Island was rated in the top ten Australian tourist destinations. It does look like a beautiful island full of nature’s bounties. I’m disappointed that I haven’t been here during my two visits to Perth. Maybe next time!


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