Slideshow Night #5: Veitnam

Dusting off my old photos albums, reminiscing about the old days and putting on a slideshow. Grab some popcorn, sit down and enjoy the show.


Vietnam has plenty of natural beauty and it is rich in history. I loved the food but I was not prepared for how cold it would be in Hanoi. It was 8C and I had to stock up on some scarves and hats to get me through my trip!

Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh city formerly know as Saigon is a mix of old and new. There is lots of French colonial buildings and the city is full of motorbikes! Trying to cross the road is an experience. The traffic does not stop for anyone, simply step out on the road, keep walking and the motorbikes just zoom around you.


Saigon at night

Ho Chi Mihn.jpg

Chu Chi Tunnels

Chu Chi tunnels were build during the Vietnam War, the network of tunnels go for 250kms and housed 80,000 resident. The network was used as hospitals, living areas, storage facilities, weapon factories and kitchens. They allowed for surprise attacks and then they could disappear suddenly down trapdoors.

There are many trap doors and I went into the tunnels via a trap door. My hips only just fit and it was tight getting my boobs in!! Underground the tunnels are so small and I had trouble walking. You had to bend right over as you walk and it was very claustrophobic, there was not much oxygen down there.

Chu Chi TunnelsDown Chi chi tunnelArms up down tunnel

Inside Chu chi tunnel.jpg

Mekong Delta

Took a boat down the Mekong Delta which is a maze of rivers. There is plenty of activity with the locals sell their goods on floating markets. Stopped at a small island, observed the locals making banana candy, crafts and sampled local fruit.

Mekong Delta.jpgDown mekong delta

Boat on mekong delta

Halong Bay

Halong Bay is a World Heritage site with many islands scattered across the water. Unfortunately I was here in January when it is cold and there was lots of fog that made the viability poor. I took a boat trip out on the water however I was left a little disappointed as it did not look as stunning as all the images you see of this site.

Halong bay

Halong Bay boat.jpg

Rice Paddies

I loved seeing the farming way of life while I was in rural parts of Vietnam. Plenty of water buffalo being used and rice being planted by hand.

I would love to go back to Vietnam and explore the beach locations.

Have you been to Vietnam? Which was your favourite spot?

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10 thoughts on “Slideshow Night #5: Veitnam

  1. We honeymooned in Vietnam in 2003 and finally got the opportunity to return last year and take the kids. Things are definitely changing over there, lots more cars and motorbikes and a lot less bikes. Not much has changed for the average person though which was a bit sad to see. My favourite in Vietnam is Halong Bay, we didn’t get back there last year so I feel I will have to go back again! The kids loved Vietnam and had a brilliant time, the local people just adored the kids too.


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