Queens Birthday Long weekend at Cervantes

What better way to spend the long weekend then to hook up the camper trailer and head north along the coast. For the next few days Cervantes a laidback fishing town which is well know for its crayfish but probably better know for the Pinnacles became our home.Cervantes


Crayfish at Cervantes

One of the best things about camping is the social side of things and it doesn’t take long to make new friends. We spent a day out in our 4wd with our new mates and explored Jurien Bay Marine Park. Hill River is a great spot to stop and relax by the mouth of the river.

Cervantes 4wd Hill River Jurien Bay Marine Park Hill River

Hill River

Kite Surfing

While having a look at one of the beaches we could see something in the water and on closer inspection realised it was a school of sharks. It was fascinating watching so many fins in the water close to shore however it does make be a little nervous about my up and coming rotto swim. I don’t think I will be doing any swimming training at this beach!

School of Sharks

Thank you to the Queen for having a birthday and allowing us to take some time out exploring our country!

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16 thoughts on “Queens Birthday Long weekend at Cervantes

  1. What at absolutely beautiful spot…..love the colour of the water. It reminds me a little bit of Rainbow Beach where we are at the moment.


  2. Oh awesome! I adore that part of the coastline although I don’t know it as well as you. I am still peeved by the fact that we Brits don’t even get a public holiday for the Queen’s birthday! Mind you, if we did, we wouldn’t have anywhere half as nice to go.


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