Natural swimming spots near Perth

Swimming spots

There is nothing more refreshing than cooling off on a hot day in a natural watering hole. Perth has wonderful beaches but if you are looking for somewhere different to take a dip then here are a few of my top spots located close to Perth.

Walyunga National Park

Walyunga National Park is located in the Avon Valley, 35kms north east from Perth along the Great Northern Highway (entrance fees apply). The river runs through the national park and there are plenty of picnic/BBQ spots and walking trails to explore. There is easy access to launch your canoe/kayak into the water. Walyunga Pool is a pleasant place to relax in the shade of the trees and you can cool off by having a swim. Walyunga Pool

Walyunga Pool

Serpentine Falls

Serpentine National Park is located 55 km South East of Perth (entrance fees apply). The waterfall cascades over a sheer granite rock face and you are able to swim at the bottom of the falls. There is a grassy picnic area, tables, bbq’s and plenty of walks where you can explore the bush. Please do not jump from the top of the falls into the water as people have died doing this.


Photo courtesy of Tourism Western Australia

Lake Leschenaultia

Located in the Perth hills Lake Leschenaultia is a recreational lake with plenty of activities for the whole family including canoe hire. It is a great place for a day trip plus there is a camp ground if you want to extend your stay. The white sandy beach makes it easy for the little ones to splash around and the older kids love jumping off the pontoon.

Lake Leschenaultia

Have you been to any of these spots? Do you have a favourite swimming hole close to Perth?

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19 thoughts on “Natural swimming spots near Perth

  1. The falls are so beautiful. Agree that sometimes you need places like this when you want to escape the coast for a while.


  2. Great post! I love taking a nice little dip in a natural swimming pool. I’ll have to bookmark these and make sure I visit them whenever I visit Perth! I mean who wouldn’t love to take a dip by a waterfall 🙂


  3. Thanks for this. We have been meaning to try them all and I think this week with hubby home from sea and the girls still on school holidays we should pick one and tick it off the list. Here’s hoping the weather plays the game.


  4. Love these suggestions and what a great topic. Sperpentine Falls is one of my favourite spots for a swim and I’ll have to try the other spots too. The best time is probably in spring before everything dries out.


  5. This is embarrassing, I grew up in Perth and have lived here for a lot of my life and although I know of these places I’ve never swum in any of them! (I guess I have always lived near the coast/beach, in my defence, but still …) Adding them to my list!!


    • Oh I remember those days when I first got my licence and having a new found freedom. Driving with the stereo blaring, hanging with mates and thinking you are so cool! You were lucky to grow up near such a nice spot


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