4wding at Dewars Beach and Wilbinga plus King Neptune

Perched up high on a sand dune at a deserted beach, looking over the water, sun on my face, eating our picnic lunch was magical. Just one problem, Dixie forgot to pack the beer so I couldn’t even have a drink with my lunch! We are not planners, if the mood takes us we just jump in the car and set off on an adventure. In some respects I wish we were more organised so that when we hit the 4wd tracks we have everything we need and then there is no chance of getting caught out.


4wding at Dewars Beach, Two Rocks

With Perths urban sprawl you need to go further out of the city to have access to 4wd tracks. Along the northern coast housing developments are popping up and many of the tracks have been blocked off. Access to Dewars Beach at Two Rocks is on the corner of  Damepattie Drive and Sovereign Drive. There is a designated area to let your tyres down and signs letting you know the rules of the 4wd area.

Dewars Beach is not far down the track and there is no 4wd access on the beach. It is a short walk down to the beach and it is very popular with surfers. Around 30 surfers were all fighting for a wave when we were there.

Dewars Beach


From Dewars Beach heading north there are plenty of tracks for you to explore. There are lots of tight corners and the area is very popular so just be aware of on coming traffic and kangaroos. If you want a challenge there are plenty of decent dunes to climb that lots of people were struggling to make it to the top of some of them.

Boys at Wilbinga

Two Rocks

There are plenty of spots to access the beach and much of the coast is lined with reef so it is a popular spot to fish. Our family is big on neet neets (dirt bikes) as the kids call them so they were pretty impressed to watch a guy on a quad bike driving over the rocks and getting hit by the waves.

Quad bike Quad Bike

Atlantis Marine Park

As a child in the 80’s I remember going to Atlantis Marine Park at Two Rock, watching dolphins perform and going on the paddle boats. It was such a magical place and loved our family holidays at Yanchep. The park closed down in 1990 and now all that remains is some old ruins scattered around the site. The iconic King Neptune was vandalised but has now been restored to its former glory and on the weekends you can access the statue for a gold coin donation. Having my photo taken with King Neptune and looking over the former park bought back some fond memories.

King Neptune Atlantis Atlantis

If you want to do some 4wding on the beach and close to Perth then this is a great spot. It you don’t have a 4wd you can always have a look at King Nepture and the pub is located on the water so it is a nice spot to relax with a drink in hand!

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6 thoughts on “4wding at Dewars Beach and Wilbinga plus King Neptune

  1. That looks like some serious quad biking I can see why the kids were impressed. And that king neptune statue is awesome. Thanks for joining in #wednesdaywanderlust, I’m a bit late commenting but I was travelling so I figured that was a good excuse 🙂


  2. Does look like a fantastic spot . The King Neptune statue is great fun, I took some bloggers from Germany up there, they loved taking shots sitting on King Neps hand 🙂 and yes I agree with you the beaches in the west are the best 🙂


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