Iso Musings

Lockdown makes me feel like I have gone back to my childhood. Growing up in the country we lived a simple life with fewer complications and distractions.


At the moment we are spending time in the garden, tending to our veggie patch. There is something satisfying about eating homegrown food, free from packaging and pesticides.

I am making my way through my to-do list and there is gratification in tick off so many items.

The days are flying by and not dragging like I envisaged. Jigsaw puzzles are being pieced together, board games bring out the best and the worst of people! There is a constant smell wafting from the kitchen. I am cooking old favourites like pumpkins scones and also trying out new recipes.


My memory blanket is growing. I am using all my spare yarn to knit Master B a blanket. I haven’t touched it in years and who knows I might actually finish it.


The children have so much energy to burn. We have searched the neighbourhood for rainbows and teddy bears, played cricket, swam, walked along the beach or in the bush, kicked the footy, hit a tennis ball against a wall, kayaked and cycled. I have been trying out lots of online workouts and I keep coming back to Body by Finch. A great online program which includes fitness, a wholesome way of eating, and a holistic approach to everything health-related.


We didn’t break our easter camping tradition. It just looked a little different this year with a backyard campout instead. We roasted marshmallows, sipped on red wine, relaxed in the hammock and enjoyed hot cross buns and chocolate.

Something else that looked different this year was ANZAC day. At dawn, we stood at the end of our driveway listening to the last post and remembered those who fought in the war.

I am enjoying these slow days with quality family time. Just as we get used to this new rhythm of life it is all about to change as restrictions are loosened.

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5 thoughts on “Iso Musings

  1. Time flies when you have fun. Great to see you and your family have enjoyed this slow pace and have access to outdoor space for some of the activities.#lovin’lifelinky


  2. I don’t feel like my life has changed that much and I think it’s something I’m regretting… that I’ve not taken time to pause or perhaps ‘force’ changes…


  3. Like you, I’m rather enjoying this quieter time and I’m using the forced cancellation of travel and other plans to do a catch up – lots of house maintenance, gardening and sorting some life admin, even tackling some tasks I’ve been avoiding for a long time. I have a lovely home and garden to stay safe at home in, see or speak to loved ones, ‘m not sick and haven’t lost my income (well, I wasn’t earning one) so I’m feeling quite grateful and fortunate. Followed you on instagram.


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