Life Update


You will stay here, do not go past go and do not collect $200.

That is right we will remain here in Perth for the foreseeable future.

We had grand plans. Plans to travel the Kimberley and Northern Territory. These plans came to an abrupt halt when Australia came to a standstill thanks to the Coronavirus.

Everyone in the world had plans and dreams that have been cancelled. It doesn’t mean these dreams can’t come true. We just need to wait it out, take one day at a time and see what happens.

I would be lying if I said I don’t feel anxious however I am trying to stay positive.

One good thing is the earth has time to heal. With factories shut down, fewer planes in the sky, fewer cars on the road we have reduced our pollution.

I hope Mother Earth gets a well-earned rest she deserves. We need to take this as a sign to live a slower sustainable life.


I signed up to Laps for Life, I made a commitment to swim 30kms during March. The swim is to raise money, awareness and change the stigma around mental health.

I was hitting the pool every few days, following that black line and clocking up the kilometres. Over the month things were changing, we were heading into lockdown. Restrictions were in place and the rules were changing daily.

My sessions at the pool were getting longer as I still wanted to reach my goal. I only had 2kms left to swim when the pools shut. I didn’t let that stop me, I swam the last 2kms at the beach.

The stingers were out in full force and they wrapped their tentacles across the back of my neck. One even went down my bathers! Someone needs to have a word with the stingers about practising social distancing!

In times like these, it is important to look after our mental health. Fundraising could not have come at a better time as so many people will need support during this difficult time. If you would like to help out there is still time to donate by clicking here.


So many things have been cancelled but not time in nature. We are getting outdoors daily to exercise. Taking strolls along the beach, riding our bikes and walking in the bush. I have always valued time in nature but even more so now.

Self portrait Knitting

Around the home, we are tending to our veggie patch, homeschooling, baking, knitting, reading and enjoying the simple things in life. I am making the most of this precious time I have with my family.

How are you? Are you doing ok?

Lots of love from me to all of you. Stay safe and well.

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7 thoughts on “Life Update

  1. Hi Anne, yep like everyone our plans for this year have been shelved too. Personally I have up and down days or more to the truth, up and down hours but luckily we have a beach nearby for much needed distraction too. I am happy that the environment is getting a break from pollution though. I joked with someone the other day that my immediate vicinity looks like a computer with too many tabs open, at the same time I have a book, magazine, knitting, colouring book and iPad all around me and flit from one to the other. Keep well. Cheers Glenys


  2. Awesome effort on the laps! We’re doing much the same as you. The lockdown in NZ is strict so there’s nothing to do and nowhere to go anyway. The to-do list of jobs at home is getting shorter by the day though! Stay well and safe xx


  3. I hoped to get so much more done but I am working from home and well kids!!! Making my way through my to-do list slowly. Must be nice to have a bit of land, better than being stuck in the city. At least we have the pool. Take care x


  4. Ouch re the stingers but yay re the slowdown…and that green wool. I’m sort of enjoying the enforced slowdown and appreciating the little things more than I usually do.


  5. Ditto on the smashed travel plans. Ours included a UK trip and then a fabulous trip to four countries in Africa as well as local trips and cancelled work commissions. Ah well – I still consider incredibly fortunate compared to the heartache experieced by so many and am also enjoying the enforced slow down and catch up. Nature and the earth is certainly having a nice reprieve. Just followed you on Instagram. Christine


  6. You have done well in turning this awful time with COVID around to make yours and the family’s life work. Thank you for sharing such a dose of reality for you too even though none of us is loving it. Denyse #lovinlife


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