Photo Diary: Mandurah Getaway

bike-rideBefore the school holidays were over we spent the Australia Day long weekend in Mandurah. It was a relaxing break with several other families. We were blessed with warm weather, it was great to just chill out by the water and recharge the batteries.

Mandurah is only an hours drive from Perth city so it makes for a quick getaway. Mandurah holds great memories for me, we often spent our summers here as a child. Back then Mandurah was a small seaside town but now the city is much livelier.

We stayed at the Miami Holiday Park which is located right on the Peel Estuary and the beach is only a few blocks away. To be honest we hardly left the caravan park.

crabcrab-scoopMandurah is famous for Blue Swimmer Crabs. We walked through the shallow waters of the estuary and were on the lookout for crabs. You can easily spot them in the water and then we simply scooped them up in the crab net.

When you remove the crabs from the water they are a brilliant blue colour.

Unfortunately or fortunately for the crabs, all the ones we scooped were undersized. They were returned to the water and lived another day. kayakingThe children were on the go from sunrise till the evening. They love having the freedom to ride their bikes with their mates around the caravan park away from their mother’s watchful eye! The kids days were spent in the water looking for crabs, kayaking, jumping on the bouncy pillow and just having good old fashioned fun.

sunrise-mandurahEarly one morning Dixie and our mate Kade paddled out to deeper water on their kayaks. They dropped some crab nets in the hope to catch some dinner!

blue-swimmer-crabsSuccess! They caught four sized crabs that tasted pretty yummy!

falcon-bayfalcon-beachFalcon Bay is a nice little protected beach where we spend the afternoons cooling off.  Just around the corner from the bay is some reef which has a nice little rock pool to swim in.

coloured-roadOn the way home, we actually ventured into town and discovered this gorgeous rainbow coloured brick road! Excuse the dirty feet, just shows we have had a fab time camping!

mandurah-swingBut what was at the end of the coloured brick road was just stunning. A painted mural by the very talented Tahnee Kelland. Now if this swing is not the perfect Instagram picture I don’t know what is!!

I hope the kids have life long memories of Mandurah just like I do!

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7 thoughts on “Photo Diary: Mandurah Getaway

  1. What a pretty ‘road’ and wall. Wow!

    I wish I was more at home in the ocean. I love it when I do get in, but I’m super shark phobic and so don’t really venture into the water. I wish my hometown (the beach) had one of those ocean pools – so it’s like swimming in the deep ocean but fully ensconced in safety!


  2. How lovely and peaceful this place looks. The water clarity is amazing and I can see why you all had a great time. That swing is a beauty!

    Thank you for linking up for Life This Week #174. Next week’s optional prompt is 6/51 Interesting 10.2.2020. Hope to see you again there too. Denyse.


  3. This beautiful! And 100% the type of adventure Kel and I love to go on. He loves crabs and loves to kayak, so we are always on the lookout for great spots for our next big trip.


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