Ten things that have happened this year

I have been tapping away here since 2015. Sharing camping adventures, travel advice and some random ramblings.  Like many bloggers, I have neglected this little space on the internet. I have been hanging out on Instagram, probably a little bit too much if I am honest.

I have decided that I am going to give my blog some extra love and attention and what better way than to do a bit of a recap. Here are ten things that have happened this year!

  1.  We took part in our first drumming circle. The whole family got into the rhythm and followed the cue of the leader.  It was a great way to express ourselves and the best part was no one took it seriously. It was all a bit of fun!Drumming Circle leader
  2.  I competed in the Busselton Jetty Swim for the second year in a row. It is a 3.6km ocean swim around the iconic Busselton Jetty. Nerves get me every time but I took 6 minutes off last year swim so I have to be happy with that!Busselton Jetty Swimmers 2019
  3. My water polo team made it to the grand final. Unfortunately, we lost by one goal but it was a great game. Can’t complain about coming home with a silver medal!Newman Water polo
  4.  I got an office job! No more working from home in my comfy clothes and ugg boots. I must say it is a real juggle managing work and family life. Thankfully it is only a part-time gig so I can still have a bit of me-time!
  5.  We have had lots of little camping trips to some of our regular spots such as  Willowbrook Farm and Dwellingup. For Dixie’s 40th we tried out a new place called Whitegum Farm. Our days were spend basking in the warm sun, swimming in the dam and cruising on pedal boats.dsc_0019
  6. I had my first weekend away without the kids! A whole weekend of eating drinking and playing water polo. I was also reminded that it is much harder to recover from a night out in your 40’s! millbrook-winery
  7.  We took a quick trip to Melbourne for a family wedding. There was no time to sightsee but the good news is we will be back very soon!plane-window
  8.  During spring I went in search of wildflowers. You don’t need to travel too far as there are so many little patches of wildflowers around Perth. donkey-orchids
  9.  Enjoyed our first staycation in a caravan park. The kids entertained themselves with their school mates and we got a chance to relax with a few cold ones! Karrinyup Waters Resort has a Bali feel to it with an amazing pool and cafe. The best part is the kids didn’t ask once are we there yet as we only had to go around the corner!karrinyup-waters-resort
  10.  I filled a handbag I no longer use with items for a homeless woman this Christmas. The bag was filled with personal hygiene products, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush and deodorant. If you would like to make a woman feel special and show her that some cares you can find out more here.

I have missed being here and I hope to blog more frequently next year. Until next time!

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6 thoughts on “Ten things that have happened this year

  1. Looking forward to reading more adventures next year Love the staycation caravan park idea, and you’re so lucky with Perth’s wildflowers…


  2. I am so glad you are back and catching up on your news was great. I am pleased the office work gives you some me time too. The staycation sounded ideal.

    Thank you for linking up for Life This Week. Next week’s optional prompt is: 49/51 Taking Stock #5 9/12/19 Hope to see you there! Denyse.


  3. Lovely to see you back again Anne. Congratulations on the p/t job! You’ve done some fab things through the year. I’m looking forward to reading more of your adventures next year. #TeamLovinLife


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