My Essential Items for the Outdoors

This post was brought to you by Vision Direct.

Lesmurdie Falls

Being surrounded by nature takes me to my happy place. I need wide open spaces, maybe that is the country girl coming out in me.

Every chance I get I am dragging my family out on bush walks, beachcombing, actually anything that involves being outdoors.

If you are planning an outdoor adventure and not sure what to take with you, here are my essential items.

Sun Protection

Don’t underestimate the Aussie Sun! If your spending lots of time outdoors you need to cover up. Slip, Slap Slop, Seek and Slide. Yes, that is right the sun safe message has expanded to include Seek and Slide.

Slip on clothing that covers your body, Slop on sunscreen, Slap on a hat, Seek shade and Slide on sunglasses.

When selecting Sunglasses makes sure they meet Australia requirements and have good UV protection.

Vision Direct
Sunglasses from Vision Direct


Activewear that is lightweight and easy to breath is the best option. You want to be comfortable and have clothing that is easy to move in. Be sure to check the weather and bring a jumper or rain jacket if needed.


Footwear is a personal choice. You want a shoe that is a comfortable fit and will not give you blisters. I usually wear my sneakers however if you are doing some serious hiking then I would recommend getting some hiking shoes or boots.

Water bottle

Stay hydrated, especially on a hot day and have regular sips of water. Make sure you have plenty of water per person. Trust me on this one as I have been in the hospital for dehydration! Not something I recommend.


A smaller hiking backpack is perfect for day trips. You may want to carry your lunch, snacks, camera gear, a phone and some extra clothing/rain jacket depending on the weather.

First Aid Kit

It is always a good idea to have a first aid kit with you. There is always the possibility of injuring yourself, getting bitten by an insect or worse. There are many compact first aid kits you can get to carry the essentials. I recommend have band-aids, bandages, cream for insect bites and antiseptic cream.


You want to keep your energy levels up while you are hiking.  Pack some healthy snacks that are high in protein and carbohydrates will provide you with energy. Don’t forget your lunch if you are planning a picnic.

Start of Bluff Knoll

Enjoy your time in nature, slow down and enjoy your surrounds.

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This post was sponsored by Vision Direct who provided me with the sunglasses. All opinions are of my own.

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