Pinjar Off Road Vehicle Area

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My partner Dixie is dirt bike mad, he lives, eats and breaths it. He wants to get our children into the sport and to tell you the truth it frightens me. Growing up in the country it was normal for kids to burn around on their dirt bikes but now I have my own children I want to delay them from ridding. Maybe I am wrapping them up in cotton wool too much but as a mum I want to protect them!

After being to Pinjar Off Road Vehicle Area a few times and knowing there is a dedicated area to suit all ages and skill levels it makes me feel a bit more relaxed. Plus knowing that everyone should be going is the same direction puts my mind at ease.

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Pinjar Off Road Vehicle Area is located in Pinjar, Perth, Western Australia. You can access the area via Orchid Road which is off Wesco Road.

There are two car car parks, one for each zone. There is amble of space to set up for the day.

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About Pinjar Off Road Vehicle Area

Pinjar Off Road Vehicle Area is set on 314 hectares and has a range of trails. The trails are rated and marked as Easy, More Difficult and Very Difficult to suit all riders.  It is free to ride the trails and open all year round.

Easy – Wide flowing open trails on smooth firm terrain with longer straights and middle turns, gentle gradients and few obstacles.

More difficult – Tighter narrow trails that may have loose or soft sections with some obstacles.

Very difficult – Tight trails with short straight, tight corners. The terrain may have loose, soft or rocky sections and exposed debris.

There are two different areas to the park. One area has a Pee Wee and Family Trail. The other area has four trails for the intermediate to advanced rider. The tracks are various lengths starting at 800m and the largest being 6km.

Conditions of use

  • Abide by all signage
  • Supervise children at all times
  • Helmet and boots must be worn at all times. Full protective gear is strongly recommended
  • The area is gazetted for motorcycles and quads only.
  • Vehicles must be road or ORV-registered and display the appropriate registration plate
  • No alcohol must be consumed within this area

Our day at Pinjar

We spent around 4 hours with another family at Pinjar and I really enjoyed our outing. As I could feel the suns rays burning through the grey clouds we put up our gazebo pulled out the camp chairs and set up for the day. From the car park we could watch people riding the tracks.

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I road a 4 wheeler around one of the tracks and while it was probably the worlds slowest lap I still enjoyed myself.

The area is a pine plantation and personally I think it would be great if they could remove the pine trees and restore the natural Australian bush. Close to Pinjar there is lots of native plants and it looks much nicer than this area.

I find it disappointing that people use the area and don’t clean up after themselves. It is not hard to take your rubbish with you when you leave. If we don’t respect these areas there may come a time when we have to pay to use the area or who knows the shire may no longer keep them open. Lets all have some respect and clean up after ourselves.

It is great to have a safe and legal option to take your children dirt bike riding. Who knows maybe one day I will give in and let them own a dirt bike!!

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