Taking Stock

There are a few of you who pop over regularly to see what is happening on my blog so I thought I would give you a chance to get to know me a little better. I am doing Taking Stock which originated from Pip who has a blog called Meet Me at Mikes.


Making :  Using up all my spare yarn to make a memory blanket for Master B.
Cooking : A sultana loaf that may have got a little burnt!
Drinking : Coffee, coffee and more coffee
Reading: Now I am a surfer Layne Beachley Beneath the Waves
Wanting: To move to the country
Looking:  Forward to our camping trip
Playing: Hide and seek with the kids
Deciding: What school to send JJ to
Wishing: We could hook up the camper trailer and travel around Australia tomorrow
Enjoying: The simple things in life
Waiting: For the kettle to boil
Liking: All the rain we have had
Wondering: If we will get rained out on our camping trip
Loving: Lazy days and no school runs during the holidays
Pondering: Investing in a business
Considering: Taking up yoga
Buying: Food, it seems I only spend my money on food shopping!
Watching: Seven year switch (don’t judge me!)
Hoping: I win a travel competition I entered
Marvelling: At how the hairdresser talking JJ into getting her hair cut
Cringing: At some of the people on Seven Year Switch
Needing: Sleep, these kids are robbing me of mine!
Questioning: If we can afford to go to Hawaii for my 40th
Smelling: Freshly cut grass
Wearing: My favourite necklace
Following: This blog called Katie Rebekah
Noticing: My baby boy is not really a baby any more
Knowing: I should be working through my to do list
Thinking: I don’t want to sew in all the ends of this memory blanket
Admiring: A friend who is going to do the half iron man
Sorting: Camping supplies
Getting: Excited for a girls night out!
Bookmarking: How to make a free poster from your Instagram Photos
Coveting: New clothes
Disliking: The children getting colds
Opening: A box with TRED (Total Recovery Extraction Devise 4WD)
Giggling: At a friends misadventures
Feeling: Tired
Snacking: On my sultana loaf!
Helping: My children plant vegetables
Hearing: Giggling children that soon turns into fighting children

Memory blanket

9 thoughts on “Taking Stock

  1. Great list! Obviously the kids mean the world to you. I have to agree, kids especially your own, bring great joy to your life. I have to also agree with Itching for Hitching, Hawaii is marvelous and I can’t wait to go back!!


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