Slideshow Night #6: Hong Kong

Dusting off my old photos albums, reminiscing about the old days and putting on a slideshow. Grab some popcorn, sit down and enjoy the show.

Hong Kong

I had a whirlwind trip to Hong Kong, I was there on business but I managed to get out and see some sites. The city is a hype of activity and there is always something going on. So many shops to browse in, places to eat, a free light show at Victoria Harbour and theme parks to explore.

Ocean Park

Ocean Park is a marine themed park but it has a lot more of offer, including Australian animals. Must admit I felt a little guilty eating fish for dinner in the Grand Aquarium. Watching the fish swim past as I bite into my succulent seafood just didn’t sit right with me. It is a bit of a bizarre place but what I liked the most was seeing the pandas, including the red panda.


The day started with a character breakfast at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel. There is no better way to start the day than sitting with Mickey Mouse! I remember listening to his recorders and doing mousercise (exercise album for children). Maybe he is the reason I became a qualified personal trainer?!

As soon as we arrived at the front of the park it was like a dream come true. Everything looked just like the movies, it was magical. So many attractions, shows, shops and rides to visit. At the time I was pregnant with JJ so I couldn’t go on any of the rides. Oh well at least I can tell her that she has been to Disneyland!

Dragon Boat Racing 

I was lucky enough to be in Hong Kong when the Dragon Boat Festival was taking place. Colourful dragon boats race down the river to the beat of a drum down aiming to be the first one to cross the finish line. It is an energetic event that has been going for centuries and it has a wonderful vibe. It is hard to not get swept up in the atmosphere and cheer on the boats.

Dragon boat.JPG

Dragon boat racing.JPG

As it was such a quick trip to Hong Kong I would love to go back and explore more.

Have you been to Hong Kong? What is your favourite attraction?

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7 thoughts on “Slideshow Night #6: Hong Kong

  1. Can you believe it? This is the 2nd post in my inbox today about Hong Kong. The timing couldn’t be better as my brother is about to head off there so I have shared this post with him. I love the idea of your slideshow night. Have you considered joining my travel link up ‘A-Z Guidebook’? I’m always after new participants – we are down to just a few. This month is still open. It’s the letter ‘K’.


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