Monkey Mia, is it worth a visit?

Monkey Mia

I have mixed feelings about Monkey Mia, it is very touristy with so many people lined up on the waters edge waiting to see if they will be picked from the crowd to feed the dolphins. Even though they are wild dolphins that come in for feeding I prefer it when we have unexpected encounters with these beautiful creatures. Like when we are out on the water in our kayak and we see dolphins swimming close by or seeing them pop up in the swan river while having a picnic.

The dolphins are fed three times in the morning between 9-12pm and it often draws large crowds. The guides give an informative talk on the dolphins and the history of how the feeding started, then people are picked from the crowed to assist with feeding the dolphins. The staff monitor how much fish each dolphin receives so they do not rely on just being fed at Monkey Mia.

Crowds at Monkey Mia


After the feeding has finished and the crowds are gone that is when I preferred Monkey Mia. Relaxing by the waters edge on the grass, playing a game of beach volleyball or just going for a swim. You will often see the dolphins swimming around the water at the resort. The water is so calm and blue, it is just magical.

Monkey Mia

We camped at Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort which has exceptional facilities that includes two restaurants, a cafe, two bars, swimming pool, hot tub and tennis court. I really enjoyed just taking time out and relaxing around the resort. It is nice to be able to have a few drinks at a bar and then stroll back to your camp site.

There are plenty of other natural attractions around the area and Shark Bay is a World Heritage site so it is very easy to use Money Mia as your base to explore the region.

Have you been to Monkey Mia? Did you enjoy your visit?

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3 thoughts on “Monkey Mia, is it worth a visit?

  1. […] At Monkey Mia wild dolphins come in during the morning for a feed and you can get up close and personal with these beautiful creatures. You don’t have to go all the way to Monkey Mia to see dolphins as we often see them swimming along the west coast and they even pop up in the Swan River. […]


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