Rottnest Channel Swim 2017


It is that time of year again when we set out to compete in the Rottnest Channel Swim. Months are spent juggling children, training and preparing for the event. It is worth all the effort to challenge yourself and to taste that ice cold beer at the Rottnest pub once it is all over!

About The Rottnest Channel Swim

Swim to Rotto is one of Western Australia’s iconic events, the Rottnest Channel Swim is a 19.7km open water swim from Cottesloe Beach to Rottnest Island. The race can be done as a solo, duo or in a team of four and you need to have a support crew of a boat and a paddler.Read More »

10 Pram friendly walks in nature around Perth


As soon as I am outdoor and in nature I can feel my body relax, especially the tension I am carrying in my shoulders.  I didn’t even realise how tense I am until I get outdoors. When you have small children, getting outdoors, going into nature and walking can do you the world of good. The fresh air, listening to the birds and a dose of D is good for the soul.

Attempting a bush walk with a pram can often by difficult if you don’t know where to go. So many times I have had to do a bit of 4wd with the pram as I have gone down a path that was not suitable.Read More »

Keeping fit in Las Vegas

keeping-fit-in-las-vegasI love Las Vegas, the bright lights, vibrant nightlife, non-stop entertainment, everywhere you turn there is something that catches your eye. With so many things to do and lots of temptations, it is easy to overindulge during your stay.

Let’s face it while you are on holidays you are likely to have a bit too much to eat or drink. I mean isn’t that what a holiday is all about? To help balance things out here are a few tips to keep you fit while you are visiting Las Vegas.Read More »

Climbing Castle Rock, Porongurup

While we were spending some time in the country Dixie and I left the kids with the Grandparents and headed off to climb Castle Rock. This is the first date night (or is it date day) that we have had in a year. I think other couples would choose to go to one of the wineries located near by for their date night.

The Porongurup Range is 12 kilometres long and is located 24kms from Mt Barker or 48kms from Albany in Western Australia. There are 4 different walks you can take in the park and we opted for Castle Rock which had a Granite Skywalk at the top.

At the base of Castle Rock there are picnic tables, bbq’s and long drop toilets so you can enjoy the area before or after your climb.

Christmas 2015 451.JPG

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