Ring of Fire Campout, Dwellingup

Easter has to be one of my favourite holidays. There is no pressure to find the perfect gift or cook fancy food. For us, it is about spending quality time together and going camping at Easter has become a bit of a tradition.

Ring of Fire Campout

A severe weather warning was in place on Good Friday. The rain was pouring down in the city but we decided to brave the weather and we hit the road.

We attended the Ring of Fire Campout at Dwellingup. An event full of live music and so much more.

Drumming CircleDrumming Circle leader

The children got into the rhythm and played the drums in the drumming circle.

music at ring of fire

We all huddled into a small cabin with a log fire burning to watch the band play. It was a great little intimate session.

Ice on Camper Trailer

It was a freezing night, so much so that there was a thin layer of ice on our camper trailer. It was colder outside than in our fridge!

Dwellingup Pumpkin FestivalMusic at Dwellingup Pumpkin Festival


In town, we strolled around the Pumpkin Festival and I have never seen such huge pumpkins in my life!

Flying Fox TowerFlying Fox

Flying Fox at Ring of Fire Campout

JJ put on her harness and climbed to the top of the flying fox tower. Not showing any fear she leapt straight off the tower and flew across the campground.

Kids at play

There were lots of other activities like rock climbing archery but our kids made their own fun playing baseball with a stick!

Lancruiser in DwellingupFawcett Track

We took a spontaneous 4wd trip on the Fawcett track which follows the river through the pristine bush.

AnneRing of FireGypsy Lou Music

As the weather improved the music moved outside. We rugged up and listen to our favourite tunes. I don’t know how the musician’s fingers didn’t freeze!

Bush walk DwellingupBush in Dwellingup

While we waited for the sun to dry out the wet canvas,

we took a stroll in the bush. Being in nature does wonders for my soul!

What a way to spend Easter. We had a blast! How was your Easter?

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4 thoughts on “Ring of Fire Campout, Dwellingup

  1. Happy Easter to you and yours Anne.
    Thank you for sharing your holiday memories. Looks like you had lots of fun.
    I must admit we wimped out when we saw the weather forecast here in Perth. We spent our easter indoors, but still memorable when spent with precious family.
    Dwellingup is one of my favourite places. I have spent many a ‘wild woman’ weekend down there… 😀 do they still have their absailing tower and canoeing adventures there? You’ve reminded me to add this on to our wish list again.


    • Oh, that is a shame you didn’t come. It was a bit wet on Friday but cleared up after that. They still have abseiling and the dam didn’t have a lot of water in it so not sure about the canoeing. I believe there is another wild woman weekend coming up again. Sounds like it would be fun.


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