July Moments

Perth Hail

I like to look back and reflect on the month. Sometimes a month can fly by and I think that nothing much happened. But when I look back I realise that there were lots of little moments that made it pretty special.

June was a rough month with sick children and July was not much better! We are dealing with croup at the moment. The doctor told me that it is normal for children this age to get one virus a month! We are getting two a month but who is counting!

Being cooped up inside I was starting to get cabin fever. July has been wet and we even had hail!

We escaped the rain and went on an amazing underworld discovery at AQWA.

Cuttlefish at AQWAAQWAFish at AQWA

Master B is a ball of energy and this was the only moment he stayed still all day! He was mesmerised.

A wonderful way to learn about Western Australia’s marine life with so many interesting facts and interactive exhibits.

Serpentine Dam

The second week of the school holidays we were in good health. It was time to get outdoors and into nature. We headed to Serpentine Dam in the Armadale Hills, spread out the picnic blanket and admired the view.


I love this time of year when the bush is full of wattle, little bursts of yellow sunshine!

Perth's Secret GardenSecret Gardenwalking in secret gardenBamboo Secret GardenTeepee at Secret GardenOur next adventure was to Perth’s Secret Garden or should I say not so Secret Garden! Careniup Wetlands is a magical place to explore. We balance on a log to cross over some water and entered the Secret Garden. Followed the muddy paths around the green garden and the children explored every inch of the wetland.

You are guaranteed a muddy adventure when you visit!


With the recent rain, we decided to check out the Avon River at Walyunga National Park. There were plenty of kayaks battling the rapids on the river. I think they must be in training for the Avon Descent, a two-day race going from the Town of Northam to Perth. Good luck to all the competitors!

Hopefully, I will have a healthy household next month! I hope you and your family are well.

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11 thoughts on “July Moments

  1. Such lovely photographs as usual. The aquarium looks great and the pics of the dam are gorgeous. Not so good news about the viruses though! I struggled for a few weeks with something this winter but – touch wood – have been okay since! #teamlovinlife


  2. Beautiful photographs Anne! I love the look of the Secret Garden! Hope the kids are all well again now and that you have a much healthier August! 🙂 #TeamLovinLife


  3. What lovely photos and it is refreshing to see your children out and about in the great outdoors. Nature really is the best teacher when you’re growing up. #TeamLovinLife


  4. we’ve been fortunate (she says madly touching wood) to have been lurgy free this winter. Love your aquarium pics. My daughter (now 20) and I still love visiting underwater worlds (as we call them) together. There’s one here in Mooloolaba that we used to visit every year when we were holidaying – & that Sarah still asks to go to at least once a year. Bring on August – and may it be healthy.


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