Discovering Augusta, Western Australia


Augusta is a place I have been to many times but just as a day trip from Margaret River. I have not spent quality time in Augusta until lately and I fell in love with the coastal town. It is a laid-back town full of natural beauty. The town overlooks the Hardy Inlet and Flinders Bay is a perfect spot for snorkelling and swimming.

Let me show you what we got up to during our stay.

Foreshore Walk


My day started by heading out the front door of the camper trailer and onto the foreshore walk. That is right a stunning view of the Hardy Inlet at my doorstep. I like to keep fit while I am travelling, especially with my Rottnest Channel Swim coming up.  I ran or rode my bike along the foreshore paths and there was nothing but stunning views. I am not much of a runner but it is easy to keep running when there is an ever-changing landscape to look at.

The path points you in the direction of pelicans and at the right time of year, you can even spot whales.

Augusta Foreshore Wlk.JPG

Hardy Inlet


The Hardy Inlet is the estuary of the Blackwood River and it is a great place to enjoy water-based activities. Our children had a ball running and splashing in the water as it is shallow for quite some distance. Beautiful spot to put in the kayak and paddle around.

Fisherman were gutting their fish on fish filleting benches in the water which caused quite a stir. Pelicans, Eagle Rays and Sting Rays were all gathered around to get some of the offcuts. The Rays glided in around your feet and were not afraid to check you out. I, on the other hand, was a little bit wary of them!

augusta old town jetty.JPG

Flinders Bay

Flinders Bay.JPGThe sheltered bay is stunning with fine white sand, turquoise water and perfect for swimming, snorkelling, kayaking and photography.

Standing on the timber jetty and looking out over the tranquil Flinders Bay we spotted a large stingray around 1 meter in diameter gliding underwater. Tourists were splashing in the water unaware that this magnificent creature was swimming underneath them. I got great joy yelling out to swimmers to look down just to see the surprise on their face as they realised they were so close to a giant stingray.

My daughter JJ who is 5 had a wonderful time jumping from the jetty. Snorkelling in the bay is amazing with stingrays and we saw our first cuttlefish. When beachcombing we often collect cuttlebone but we have not seen these unusual creatures in the wild.

Flinders Bay Shower.JPG

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse.JPG

Situated on the tip of the peninsula where the Southern and Indian Oceans meet is the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse. It is the tallest lighthouse on mainland Australia and made from local limestone in 1895.

Take a walk around the grounds of the Lighthouse and listen to an audio tour. Hear stories about the lighthouse keepers and their families, life was much tougher back then! Climb the stairs of the lighthouse for an amazing view and to see how the lighthouse works.

Top light house.JPG

Hamelin Bay


Hamelin Bay is not just another stunning beach in Western Australia, it is home to many large stingrays. Down by the Jetty or the boat ramp you will see many large stingrays gliding close to the shore.  Clearly, they are used to people as they come in close and swim past your legs.

Hamelin Bay Sting Ray.JPG

We were in Hamelin Bay during the school holidays and the beach was packed with holidaymakers so we decided to try and get our own little slice of heaven.

We hit Bob’s Track which can only be accessed via 4wd. The track is located off Caves road just north of Bushby road and is marked with a Leeuwin Naturaliste National Park sign.

The track was a lot rougher than we anticipated and at one point we were dragging a large rock underneath the car. There are a few sections that are very rocky but once you are past these sections it is fairly easy going.

Hamelin Bay.jpg

With clear turquoise water, white sand this would have to be one of my favourite beaches in Western Australia.

Hamelin Bay via bobs track.JPG

Foul Bay

Foul Bay.JPG

Don’t let the name put you off as the place is anything but foul. I love it when you know nothing about a place and then you are amazed at what you find. We were heading out to Cosy Corner and stopped in to have a look at Foul Bay.

The beach is stunning and we had the whole place to ourselves. Well for half an hour at least!

Foul Bay is sheltered from the wind with the granite headland. It is a wide stretch of beach with white sand, crystal clear water and a nice constant wave crashing on the shore.


Quarry Bay

Quarry Bay is a U shape bay and limestone for the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse was quarried here. The bay is very rocky and there is a little natural waterfall to explore. The cape to cape track also goes straight past this point.

That was a snippet of our recent trip to Augusta and if you are a nature lover I suggest heading that way soon!

Where To Stay

Augusta offers a wide range of accommodation options. We stayed in our camper trailer at Turner Caravan Park which is located right on the Hardy Inlet. Flinders Bay Caravan Park is located close walking distance to the beach and Westbay Retreat is out of town but located on the river.

There are also holiday houses, B & B’s, motels and apartments to chose from. The options are endless and you can find a property here at

 ** Some of the links in this post are affiliated links. If you click to book the accommodation, I make a little commission but you don’t pay any extra. **

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47 thoughts on “Discovering Augusta, Western Australia

  1. Anne this whole area looks absolutely stunning. I have to say that after the Red Centre the WA coast is next on my Aussie travel list. It looks amazing.


  2. Glorious colours and magnificent vistas. I worry about stingrays…ever since one killed Steve Irwin. They look magnificent! That sounded like a great family adventure in WA. Thanks for linking up #lifethisweek 6/52. Next week: LOVE. Denyse


  3. Wow! This is fantastic! We recently moved to WA and haven’t been to a lot of places. Thanks for writing about this. I have been looking for real blog posts about WA travel. xx



  4. Your writing and photos urge me to travel to this part of our beautiful Australia. Love the photos showing the children and others enjoying nature.


  5. What a gorgeous place! I particularly like the look of Foreshore Walk – it looks like something out of a movie! No wonder why you love this place so much! Thank you for linking up! Hope you’ll join us again tomorrow 🙂


  6. You’ve reminded me how lovely Augusta is Anne and also just how amazing the stingrays of Hamelin Bay are. We are so luck in WA to be blessed with such natural and as yet , mostly unpopulated, wonders 🙂 #teamlovinlife


  7. Augusta looks beautiful! Love all your photographs. I’ve never been to WA – hopefully one day and not too far away! 🙂 #TeamLovinLife


  8. Augusta is a pretty spot with ocean and river location. We spent a few days here on our around Australia trip, but we never detoured to Hamelin Bay and now I’m kicking myself. Gorgeous photos Anne. 🙂 #TeamLovinLife


  9. The area looks like a great holiday spot. I like all the rays including the one being fed by hand. I would imagine the people that were swimming above where the rays were gliding were a bit nervous.


  10. This has everything I love! Fantastic beaches, wildlife (love the stingrays come right to the water’s edge), beautiful scenery, lighthouse. I want to return to Australia one day and Hamelin Bay and Foul Bay look perfect. #Wkendtravelinspiration


  11. Looks like a great place to visit! The sting rays would be amazing to see – I have never seen them outside of an aquarium. Not sure how keen I would be if they got too close though! Hopefully we will get a chance to explore Western Australia at some point! #weekendtravelinspiration


  12. We only went to WA for the first time about 5 years ago. I was AMAZED at how stunning everywhere we went was (we spent a month touring round). I have no idea why it gets so little focus.


    • With Perth being the most isolated city in the world it makes it an expensive place to visit. You are right it is stunning and people often just travel the east coast which is a shame.


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