Photo Essay: A day in the life of a camper

Do you want to go camping but not sure if it is for you? Here is what a typical day looks like when we go camping.

Sandy Cape Nov-15 007

We are filled with excitement as we set off on our camping adventure. A new place to explore and new things to see, who knows what is installed for us.

Bridgetown 175

Wake with the sun and to the sound of birds singing their tune.

Lake Towerrinning Camp

Explore and get to know our new home and it’s surrounds.

Sandy Cape Nov-15 081

Time away from the internet grows a stronger bond with my children. We reconnect and enjoy the simple things in life.

Christmas 2015 222

Get of the beaten track and discover places that very few may have seen before.

Ledge Point Camping 032

Settle in for the afternoon, wind down and relax.

Byrons birthday 040

Watch the sunset, talk about what a wonderful day we have had. Go to bed and repeat all of the above.

Have you been camping lately? Does this inspire you to get out there?

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17 thoughts on “Photo Essay: A day in the life of a camper

  1. This beautiful post reminds me why we started camping this year. We’ve definitely got the bug. It’s hard to get started, but we are starting to find our rhythm.


  2. Love this! It reminds me why we love the bush camping (we’re currently in a caravan park which is good for different reasons but doesn’t have the sense of escape). Thanks for sharing.


    • We are going camping soon and staying in a caravan park. I like caravan parks for the amenities but you don’t feel like you are getting away from it all.


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