My girls weekend getaway in Toodyay

A girls weekend is something I am always dreaming of. Time away with my mates and a break from the demands of motherhood. When my friend Ciara asked me if I would like to go to Toodyay for the weekend I didn’t hesitate to say yes.

It was a wonderful getaway as it was a break in the country with three of my good friends. We catch up on a regular basis but we always have our small children in tow. This means that conversations are usually stunted while someone runs over to pick up a crying child who has skinned their knee. We never seem to finish a conversation as they are continually interrupted.

Toodyay View.JPG

Our time away was not so much about the destination but to have time together to catch our breath, unwind, relax, laugh and actually finish a conversation. Time away to remember who we were before we became mums and to find ourselves again.

We headed to the town of Toodyay located in the Avon Valley only 80 kilometres North East of Perth. The town is set on the Avon River and has a rustic charm with it’s old buildings. There is also an array of boutique shops to browse and Australia’s second largest Christmas shop!


Sitting on the balcony of our house admiring the view of the hills and enjoying the quietness is what I treasured most. It is rare these days to be able to sit still in silence and simply breathe. Up there on the balcony was my meditation, letting go of the tension in my body and taking some time out for me.


It was a great feeling to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoying the peace and quiet of Toodyay. Sleeping in without a toddler giving you your 5am wake up call, yelling at the top of their voice “mum it is morning”. But most of all it was spending quality time with gorgeous friends and getting a little bit of me back.

The Girls.JPG

Have you had a girls weekend away recently? Is it something you do on a regular basis?

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17 thoughts on “My girls weekend getaway in Toodyay

  1. What a great idea and it looked so lovely too. I am a great believer in having mini breaks as a parent as you come back refreshed..for a while anyway. Thanks for linking up. Denyse #lifethisweek


  2. Looks beautiful Anne, love the look of the Christmas shop. I’m guessing the biggest one is in Bridgetown! Girl’s weekends are always great, but I appreciate them so much more since motherhood.


  3. It looks gorgeous there – the photo’s make me want to go there! Bit far from Brizzy though! lol I love spending time with girlfriends and it is so important for us Mum’s to get time away and just be ourselves for a bit. I get together with my besties for lunch and brekky and things like tht but it’s been a long time since I’ve gone away with them. Maybe 2017 is the year!! #TeamLovinLife


  4. What a pretty little town. Love a good girl’s weekend. My friends and I go away together at least once a year. It saves our sanity and always gives us something to look forward to #TeamLovinLife


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