John Forrest National Park

After the recent rain we had in Perth we headed out to John Forrest National Park in the hope to see the waterfalls flowing. Unfortunately there was not much water around however we still had a lovely day out.

National Park Falls

We set off on foot down the old railway line to National Park Falls. It is an easy hike along a gravel track which gets very close to the valley below. We scrambled over the rocks at the falls and then continued along the track to Swan View Tunnel.

John Forrest National Park 016John Forrest National Park 018John Forrest National Park 020

Swan View Tunnel

Being mothers day the park was busy with plenty of people hiking and mountain biking. It was slow going with a 4 and 2 year old and I am sure they walked a few extra kilometers zig zagging across the path. They were both little troopers and made the 2.2 kilometer hike to the tunnel.

This is the only historic railway tunnel which was build in 1895. The tunnel is constructed from brick and it is a long dark 340 meter walk through the tunnel. Stepping on a stoney path with plenty of puddles laying around we set off into the dark. JJ and Master B never once complained about the journey, they simple became little explores finding their way through the dark tunnel.

John Forrest National Park 021John Forrest National Park 026John Forrest National Park 029John Forrest National Park 030

Back at the picnic area I was observing other children and how they were enjoying nature. It was refreshing to see no electronic devices, the children were climbing rocks, playing with sticks, jumping in muddy puddles and even some old fashioned games of quoits was being played. All the kids looked so happy, it reassures me that incorporating lots of nature play into our lives is the right way to bring up our children.

John Forrest National Park 117.JPG

John Forrest Tavern

Since there was a pub in the national park we couldn’t help pop in for a quiet ale. We are so glad that we did as out the back of the tavern there were plenty of Western Grey Kangaroos. The cheeky kangaroos were hanging around in the hope to get some food. We also spotted a bandicoot scurrying in the bushes. Who said nothing good could come from hanging out in the pub!!

John Forrest National Park 045John Forrest National Park 047John Forrest National Park 049John Forrest National Park 050John Forrest National Park 059John Forrest National Park 073

It was a great day out and we need to return in the winter and hopefully both the falls will be flowing.


John Forrest National Park is about 30 minutes from Perth on the Great Eastern Highway. It is well signposted and it is a scenic drive into the park with views of the city.

Walking and Cycling Trails

The railway Reserve Heritage Trail runs through the park and the major features of the trail include:

  • Picnic area to National Park Falls is an easy 2km return walk
  • Picnic area to Swan View Tunnel is an easy 5km return walk
  • Picnic area to Hovea Falls is an easy 2km return walk
  • The Eagle View Walk Trail is a 15km loop trail. It is a challenging walk that has rewarding reviews


There are barbecues available to use and there are also toilets in the park. The park is well equipped for people in wheelchairs and there is plenty of disabled parking bays as well.

For more information on the park you can visit the Deparment of Parks and Wildlife website here.

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14 thoughts on “John Forrest National Park

  1. What little troopers your kids are and what awesome photos. Looks like you had a lovely Mothers Day out in nature. Good for you. 🙂


  2. I love this place and have been going regularly for a run along the tracks or with the family for a picnic. It’s especially nice in winter and there are plenty of covered picnic spots to take shelter under even if it rains. The Kangaroos at the tavern have to be the most chilled out in all of WA – I get the sense that they’re even more curious than we are.


  3. What lovely shots! That tunnel looks amazing and it looks to be a great place to explore with a family. It’s good when the kids do it without complaint too! Hope you had a lovely mothers day x


    • I had a great mothers day thank you, as long as we are out and about exploring new things I am happy! Hope you had a good mothers day too


  4. I do so love the national parks. I know we are very fortunate here in the US to have a multitude of fabulous parks. Our state has some pretty magnificent parks to!


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