Exploring Bridgetown and surrounding areas

beautiful bridgetownI love it when you have no exceptions about a destination. You are amazed and stunned at the beauty a place has to offer. I knew very little about Bridgetown except that the Blackwood River ran through the town and surely there must be a bridge there! Well one would assume with the name Bridgetown.

Bridgetown 065.JPG

What do you know I was correct! There have been several bridges built over the years with the first one erected by settlers in 1861 but it was swept away just before completion.

Bridgetown has plenty of rolling hills, valleys and surrounded by beautiful natural attractions. It is a nature lovers dream with scenic drives, forests and the Blackwood River to explore.

It is a place to relax and connect with nature.

Bridgetown is just a three hour drive from Perth. The main town has lots of lovely shops to browse in and the christmas shop was a hit with my little ones!  Next time I need to escape on my own so I can have a good look and maybe pick up a few gifts for myself!

The Blackwood River

We launched our kayaks into the Blackwood River and paddled downstream. Taking in the view with the suns rays on our back and enjoying the stillness.

If we weren’t in our kayaks the kids were playing on the banks of the river, chasing geese, watching ducks, 4wding and splashing in muddy puddles that were left behind from the rain.

Scenic Drives

There are so many scenic drives that take you along the river, through valleys, farms and to other little towns. We visited  the towns of Nannup, Manjimup and Greenbushes which are all located in close proximity.

Bridgetown 105

Barrabup Pool and Workers Pool

Barrabup Pool is located 10km west of Nannup. It is a natural pool lovely for swimming, having a picnic or going on a bush walk. In 1909 a mill was established near Barrabup Pool and during its operation this pool was for exclusive domain of the mill managers family.

Bridgetown 097.JPG

Bridgetown 103.JPG

The mill workers were aloud to swim at Workers Pool. A preacher described them as hard workers, called a spade a spade, used rough language and had a high thirst for liquor. It sounds like I belong at this pool!

Bridgetown 080.JPG

Bridgetown 082.JPG

Camping is available at Workers Pool and above Barrabup Pool on the ridge.


Greenbushes started as a mining town and there are lots of historic buildings and an open cut mine to visit.

There is a natural pool which is spring fed. The pool has a boardwalk around the pool with lots of signage about the fauna and flora. It is a great spot to swim and there is also a free camp ground and play ground.

Bridgetown 187.JPG

Bridgetown 202.JPG

Bridgetown is an ideal place to relax, connect with nature. It is simply beautiful!

Have you explored this region of Western Australia?

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13 thoughts on “Exploring Bridgetown and surrounding areas

  1. I went to Bridgetown for the first time last year and loved how different it was to my usual coastal hangouts. We went for a great drive exploring the surrounding hills in spring and some of the gardens were breathtaking.


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