Floating away these Autumn Days

Autumn beach day.jpg

I just want to hitch up the camper trailer to the 4wd and hit the highway. In search of an endless summer. Follow the sun. Although I must admit it does feel like we are having an endless summer here in Perth with the magnificent Autumn weather.

Most kindy days Master B is strapped into the pram and we run along the coast. Followed by having a splash in the water and a spot of people watching. Noticing how people go straight into the water and just float, looking so relaxed and peaceful.

In the lead up to my Rottnest Island Channel Swim I didn’t feel like I could really relax at the beach. I would look at ocean and feel my nerves, anticipation about my swim.

So now when I go into the water, I just float. Lay on my back with the salt water keeping me buoyant, feeling weightless. All I can hear is the waves crashing and the water lapping against my body. In that moment I feel peaceful, my mind is not racing, just noticing my surroundings. No cares in the world, just being at one with the ocean.

As I return to a standing position I feel a little confused, like I don’t know where I am. This is my meditation, being in a deep state of relaxation and shutting out the world.

So now I am making the most of these warm Autumn days and enjoying our beach life before the weather changes.

How do you get into a deep state or relaxation?

5 thoughts on “Floating away these Autumn Days

  1. We are also experience an endless summer here on the East Coast in Queensland. I love to walk along our long beaches early in the morning with my dog. I find that very relaxing. But otherwise I like to immerse myself in a good book.


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