The colours of Western Australia

The winter months have not been kind to us as we have caught every stomach bug, cold and flu that is going around. Now that spring is here I feel positive that the year is going to end on a bright note.

Driving in the hills was magical seeing so many bright colours in the bush as the wildflowers are in season. The birds are singing their songs and the native animals are out enjoying the sun. Makes me feel like a change is coming.

I am noticing the beauty around me and want to share with you the beautiful colours of Western Australia.

Orange – The colour of the sky as the sun sets over the Indian Ocean.


White – Wildflowers in bloom in the wheatbelt

Carnamah Wildflowers

Red – Rocks at the gorges at Kalbarri National Park

Red Rock

Purple – The colour of the sky over Lake Serene

Lake Serene Boshack

Grey – The dolphins that cruise up and down our coast.

Dolphins at Monkey Mia
Dolphins at Monkey Mia

Green – Paddocks of wheat which will hopefully be a good return for the farmers.

Carnamah Wheat

Blue – The colour of our water along the coast.

Shark Bay WA


Enjoy the beautiful spring weather!

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7 thoughts on “The colours of Western Australia

  1. Winter hasn’t been kind to me either so looking forward to the warmer weather. Your pictures are gorgeous. We haven’t been to W.A yet but can’t wait to visit.


  2. W.A. is a great state. We lived in Perth for 2 years (many years ago) and travelled extensively in the S.W. corner before driving back to Townsville over the top. We will be returning ASAP as we always said next time we’ll have a 4WD and a boat. We have these plus a new caravan so our feet are itchy. Just have to find the right time with our elderly parents. Your post is lovely and very representative of our feelings for W.A. Gorgeous 🙂


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