Review on Sarah’s Day ebook: Sweat it to shred it (1)I am a yo-yo dieter. Someone who gains 6-8 kilos and then has to work hard to get the weight off only to find it creeps back on again.

I enjoy exercising, the outdoors and being active is part of our lifestyle.  Fad diets don’t interest me and I believe that you need to make lifestyle changes. Over the winter the kilos have crept back on and I gave myself a goal to get back into shape. To feel comfortable wearing my bikini at the Busselton Jetty Swim.

While looking for HIIT (High intensity interval training) workouts online I stumbled across Sarah’s Day. She has several 15-minute workouts on youtube which I really enjoyed. They don’t require any equipment and can be done anywhere which is perfect for me. I can keep up with my exercise while we are camping and the workouts only take 15-30 minutes to complete.  So there is no excuse not to fit a workout in during the day.

Sandy Cape Nov-15 111

As I loved Sarah’s youtube workouts so much I decided to buy her e-book and I just completed the 8-week programme.  I followed her e-book plus I played water polo and swam 4 times a week. My diet hasn’t changed a lot, I watched my portion size and cut back on my snacks during the day.

About the ebook

Sarah focuses on listening to your body, not burning yourself out and if you want to add in an extra work out you can. Sarah is very positive and her positivity shines through in the ebook.

The eight-week program involves three different training styles, Sweaty Shredders, Toning Power, Activities and Challenge. This mixes up the workouts so there is a variety over the week.

The e-book also has a spot to track your progress. You can insert photos and answer questions on your fitness and how you feel about your body. Documenting your thoughts and feelings during your eight-week journey makes you notice how you feel about your body and fitness levels.

My thoughts

I enjoyed the workouts and stuck to it for the whole 8 weeks. I must admit that I found it a little repetitive towards the end and thought some extra exercises could be added in for a bit more variety.

Con’s of Sarah’s Day Ebook: Sweat it to shred it

  • The ebook does not have clear instructions on how to do the exercises. There are only three images of Sarah doing the exercise. Some sections don’t have images just 20 x High Plank Froggy Jumps so you need to find the instructions on another page which takes time. It would be great if there were youtube examples online so you can make sure you are doing the exercise correctly.
  • Sarah refers to her “Sezzy Timer” app to download so that you don’t need to muck around with a timmer however it is no longer available. I downloaded the Interval Timer and set up all the workouts myself which was a little time-consuming. Once you have set up all the workouts you can use them for the whole 8 weeks.
  • This ebook is not suited for beginners, you want to have some level of fitness before starting.

Pro’s of Sarah’s Day Ebook: Sweat it to shred it

  • It is original and makes you push yourself.
  • You can do these workouts anywhere.
  • Great layout so you know what the schedule is for the week.
  • Some of the workouts get you outdoors and exercising in a different environment.
  • You can download a copy of the ebook so you have it forever.

My Results

Did I see results? Yes, I definitely noticed a difference in my body shape. Over the 8 weeks, I lost a total of 2.5kgs, 5cm around my waist and 4cm around my hips. Now I can’t complain about that!

I will definitely use the ebook again and incorporate some of the workouts into my exercise routine.

Proud of myself for not giving up and sticking to this ebook! If you can recommend any other online exercise programs please let me know.

3 thoughts on “Review on Sarah’s Day ebook: Sweat it to shred it

  1. This post has popped up at a time when I’m seriously considering letting my gym membership go. Although I walk daily I need to tone up & do some weight-bearing exercise but tend to have problems actually doing that stuff outside of the gym. Actually, come to think on it. I tend to have problems doing it in the gym too & resent having to go. Maybe I should try something I can do at home & outside…food for thought. Enjoy the rest of your summer break.


    • As it is a new year there are so many good deals out at the moment for exercise programs you can do at home. Personally, I like it as I can work out whenever and can still do it with the kids around. I have just joined Body By Finch and she has meals, exercise programs and meditation. I am only on day one but I like it so far!!


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