27 thoughts on “Cambodia In Pictures

  1. Out of all of the countries I have been to in Asia, I struggled with Cambodia the most. For me, it was the signs posted all over that begged travelers to “respect the children”. After that, I felt weird about being there. I noticed that if my husband walked too far away from me and looked like he was on his own, locals would sometimes give him this look. It’s hard to explain the look; sometimes it was a business opportunity, other times it was disgust. When I learned more about the child sex trade that occurs there, I had an even more difficult time being in the country. Then, I met some people who were doing charity work to help children in need, especially young girls, and my attitude started to improve. Cambodia has some very real, very serious problems, and I think sometimes it’s easy for travelers to overlook them because they are in awe of its temples or beaches. I hope more work continues to be done to eradicate some of the worst issues plaguing the nation. CNN has a very compelling series about Cambodia’s child sex trade. I think it has certainly brought the issue to more people’s attention.


    • I find the sex trade in many parts of Asia to be very disturbing. Unfortunately it happens all over the world and we just had a horrible case over here in Perth, Australia. I will have a look at the CNN series.


  2. Nice pictures! Sometimes we visit a country to see a landmark or natural wonder but leave amazed because of the people. People never fail me during my travels. I always learn a lot form the ones I meet in other countries.


  3. Siem Reap was an incredible place to visit – it was however a place of extreme contrasts. Some super-luxurious hotels more-or-less next door to extreme poverty. It will be interesting to see how as a society Cambodia handles the rapid influx of tourism, and whether it results in better life outcomes for all Cambodians. How amazing are those temples? Sunset on Pre Rup was magic.


  4. We love Cambodia. The temples are amazing and the people do seem friendly and optimistic in the face of the challenges of both their horrific past and the future of increased tourism. Thanks for a little trip down memory lane.

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  5. We’ve been to Singapore but besides that, the closest we’ve gotten to Southeast Asia has been the Bangkok airport.

    So let me ask you: As amazing as the temples were, I’m also curious about the food. What was Cambodian food like? Did you eat street food or stick to sit-down places?

    Thanks for linking to #TheWeeklyPostcard.


    • I used to work in the travel industry so many of my meals were hosted in hotels while I was there. We did eat in a few local places and it reminds me a lot of Vietnamese food. There was lots of seafood, spices, rice and noodles. I love Asia food!


  6. I spent a month volunteering at a child care centre in Phnom Penh earlier this year. Fell in love with the place and the children and still think about them daily! It’s an infectious place..


  7. One of the most mystical places I’ve ever been to, and despite the poverty in most places, the happiest kids and kindest people I’ve ever met. It’s where I truly got to reflect and realise that less is really more! Beautiful pics!


  8. We have just returned from Cambodia and I found it to be an amazing place. Our reason to visit was to visit our sponsor child. We had a wonderful day spent at the orphanage which is Australian run and funded. We didn’t see any signage regarding the children, maybe I was distracted with travelling with my own 3 young kids that I didn’t notice. I hope that maybe things have improved for the lovely people of Cambodia.


      • Sure was amazing. We spent the whole day with all the kids & my kids had a ball. I always find it interesting what the kids tell their teachers when they get home & the orphanage was at the top for all of them. That makes me proud.


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