Looking for a new adventure in Yallingup? Explore Quinninup Falls

Quinninup Falls


Yallingup is a beautiful area in the South West of Australia and so many people spend their time visiting caves, beaches, wineries, breweries, art galleries and many other local produces that are for sale. The area also has many natural wonders and Quinninup Falls is a hidden little treasure that not many people know about.

Quinninup Falls is located 10 kilometers south of Yallingup and it can be reached by 4wd from Quinninup Road (off Caves Road) or by foot from Moses Rock road car park. By foot it is a approximately 2kms if you head north along the Cape to Cape walking trail.

4wd Track

Driving down Quinninup Rd approximately 2kms there is a track off to the right side of the road which is where you begin your journey.  Here we lowered the tyre pressure to about 16 psi and locked in the hubs.  The track is immediately soft sand but the terrain changed quite a bit, so we switched between low and high range several times.  One particular track we took was quite rough, so it was a slow crawl in 1st or 2nd low, occasionally stopping and getting out to pick the best line.  We used a GPS and some instinct for direction which eventually lead us to a make do car park near the Cape to Cape track. We returned the same way we came, this time crawling up hill, being careful not to puncture the side wall of the tyres.

4wd track Quinninup

4wd Quinninup

Walking to Quinninup Falls

Once you reach the end of the 4wd track it is roughly 600 metres to the falls. The walk takes you over some rocky terrain and then it is mainly walking up and down sand dunes with some red dirt thrown into the mix. Half way along the walk there is a small stream which you need to cross and the continue onto the falls. A small valley seems to appear out of no where and from a distance you can see just how high the falls are.

The walk is not hard but it feels so much longer when you have two small children that need to be carried most of the way! I think I need to invest in a hiking carrier as I am sure it would make life a lot easier.

walking quinninup



Quininup Falls has crystal clear water that flows into a small pool and then continues down stream for a few hundred metres and out to the ocean.

quinninup falls

quinninup falls

Next time you are in the area I recommend checking out Quinninup Falls.

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