Little Gum Nuts

Little Gum Nuts is a nature inspired education program that is held at Yanchep National Park. Recently we attended a play and learn session which was just brilliant.

First of all we were greeted by the teacher Lee-Anne, she is wonderful with the children and so calm. She allows them to explore, experiment and be hands on while educating them at the same time.

The children went on a bush walk to look for treasures! I love the enthusiasm and excitement of the children as they find a rock, stick, nuts or what ever it may be to put in their bucket of treasures. Touching, feeling, using their imagination as to what their finds could be.

Finding a Mushroom in the bush
Finding a Mushroom in the bush
Exploring the bush and looking for treasures!
Exploring the bush and looking for treasures!

After our walk we headed back to the Lodge where the children got to play, paint using the objects they found, dig in the sand pit and explore the sensory tray. You can see their little minds ticking over while they are playing, problem solving and it is fascinating to watch them learn.

We also listen to stories about nature and sang songs so the program has a good balance of different activities.

This is an wonderful nature based program and there should be more of them out there as the best learning can take place outdoors in nature.

Little gum nuts

9 thoughts on “Little Gum Nuts

  1. I always love taking kids on a ‘nature ‘ walk. They are never too young-or too old! I even recently posted on just such a topic, The Wonder of a Child and how excited they are to find the smallest little thing. It’s such a great thing to get children out into nature at an early age and hopefully they will grow to appreciate it. There’s so much beauty out there to be had!

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