My favourite things to do in Busselton

Busselton Jetty Swim 2018We went back to where it all started, where Dixie and I met! Dixie was travelling around
Australia, living out of his Troop Carrier and I was in town supporting a friend doing the Busselton Iron Man. A conversation was struck between us at the Esplanade Hotel and well the rest is history!

Busselton holds a special place in our hearts and we decided to return for a family holiday. Busselton is a small coastal town set on the calm waters of the Geographe Bay south of Perth.  It is a great place to enjoy the outdoors with plenty of cycle paths, beaches and the locals are very friendly.

Here are my tips on the things you must do while in Busselton.

Busselton Jetty Train and Underwater Observatory

At the start of the year, I swam around the Busselton Jetty along with 2000 other competitors. This time I took a much easier option and caught the train to the end of the 1.841 kilometre jetty.  The train offered nothing but stunning views of the Geographe Bay. It was an informative train ride learning facts about the jetty which started construction in 1865.

Busselton Jetty Train

At the end of the jetty, we descended 8 metres underwater to see what lies beneath the sea! Brightly coloured coral covered the pylons. Crabs scuttled across planks of wood and different species of fish swam past the windows.

Standing at water level was mesmerising as I watched the ocean surge up and down in the window. Mind you it did make me feel a little seasick!


There are only six natural aquariums in the world and we are lucky to have one right here in Western Australia!

Shop at The Shed Markets

Grab a coffee, a healthy snack and chill out at The Shed Markets.   It is only a small market but it has a cool vibe with funky furniture, local produce and a variety of stalls. A great outdoor area with an array of food trucks offering a wide variety of flavours from different cultures.

Cycle along Geographe Bay

Geographe Bay has nothing but calm turquoise waters and there is no better way to explore than on a bike. Busselton has bike tracks all the way along the beach and the best part is it is pretty flat. Many of the beaches are dog-friendly so if you take your furry little friend on holiday they can also take a dip!

Busselton Jetty

Keep your eye out for dolphins and who knows may even spot a whale!

Have a drink at The Fire Station Bar


Head to the old fire station and sample a local beer or wine. There is no fireman pole to slide down but there is plenty of memorabilia from the fire stations hay day. Old uniforms, fire alarms, photos and other bits and pieces are displayed around the building. We ate the best chicken burger I have had in a long time and the food is also sourced locally. Do your bit, support the locals and check out this unique bar.


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20 thoughts on “My favourite things to do in Busselton

  1. We only had a short time in Busselton when we visited so the jetty was the number 1 must do and wow we weren’t disappointed. The under water observatory is incredible, the colours amazing. Yet another place to return to. 👌


  2. I’ve only ever been through once. We had an ice cream and walked the pier and then got back on the road. The colours in the water though! It’s a place I’ve wanted to go back to, so thanks for taking us there.


  3. Beautiful photos! I can actually say that I have been here, though very briefly. It was October 2017 and we were on a bus tour to Margaret River. We stopped at Busselton briefly. To be honest, by the time I queued for the loo, took a few photos, and grabbed a cuppa from the cafe, it was time to board the bus again. I hope that one day I’ll get back there and can explore it much more! 🙂 #TeamLovinLife


  4. What a wonderful visual and story too. Sharing your part of Australia makes me realise just how different it is around the coastal areas as well as inland. Thank you for joining #lifethisweek. Next week’s optional prompt is Easy Meal Ideas. Denyse


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