Making Sunprints

Summer holidays are in full swing and to tell you the truth I was dreading it! Worried about how I would entertain my two little children without Kindy and our usual activities. To my surprise I have been enjoying these school holiday. There is no need to rush around in the morning, the mornings are now calm. We have been spending lots of time at the beach swimming and pottering around the house.

Spending lots of time at home means we have been doing lots of craft, making and creating. My daughter JJ and I have been experimenting with a Sunprint Kit.

Sunprint Kit.JPG

We are big on nature play and enjoyed collecting flowers, leaves and other objects which we arranged on the special Sunprint paper. We even experimented with a snake skin we found on our recent 4wd trip.

sunprint flowers.JPG

The paper is then covered with an acrylic sheet and left in the sun for around one to five minutes. The special sunprint paper goes through a chemical change when exposed to the light. The objects leave a print on the paper, rinse the paper under water to set the image.

Ta-da, now we have some beautiful sunprints. Now I just have to work out what I am going to do with them. Maybe put them in a small frame and hang them on the wall in JJ’s room.

If you would like to make your own sun print we picked up our Sunprint Kit from Biome for $14.95. Each kit includes:  12 x 10cm square blue paper, 1 x 10xm square acrylic paper and instructions. Click here if you would like to buy a sunprint and start creating your beautiful prints.

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14 thoughts on “Making Sunprints

  1. What a lovely thing to do. I am envious of those people who have the creativity (and energy) to find new things to do with their kids. I don’t have any but am sure I would have been a lazy parent!


  2. That looks so good and I can imagine the fun it was watching it emerge. If I was still caring for our grandchildren it would be something I would try!! Thanks for linking up for #lifethisweek 4/52 Denyse


  3. We love sunprints! Now my boys are older they are not bothered, but I have been known to make a few. I usually use construction paper which fades out but not as much as the ‘specialist’ stuff! These are going to look great on the wall, the snakeskin turned out great.


  4. Such wonderful memories you offered. I recall many summers home with the kids that were priceless. Not that we would always go anywhere or do anything special. Some days just lazing around in our PJs until lunch time others off on some adventure or simply at home together puttering in the kitchen or making crafts. Thanks for the Memories.


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