Chasing Steam Trains in the Dandenong Rangers

Disappointment struck when we arrived at Belgrave (40km east of Melbourne) and found the Puffing Billy Steam Railway was fully booked.

We made the most of the situation and spent the day chasing down the trains as they made their way through the magnificent Dandenong Rangers.

Puffing Billy.JPG

Listened to the hissing of the steam, the whistle blowing and the chugging noise as the train moved along the tracks. Waved to the passengers aboard the open carriages as they rolled passed us, their faces full of joy.

Once the train had left the station we explored the vibrant town of Belgrave and Gembrook both surrounded by large trees and bush.

Emerald Lake Park is one of the destinations of the Puffing Billy which is set in a tranquil rainforest. The lake has paddle boats for hire and a wading pool for the little ones. We all cooled off in the pool and admired our surrounds.

Emerald Lake

It is a stunning park with plenty activities for the whole family including playgrounds, picnic shelters, fishing, walking trails, tea rooms and a model railway.  We could have easily spent the whole day here.


We are not a family who plans what we are going to do while we are on holidays. We are carefree and decide on a whim what to do. Maybe we should be more organised to avoid disappointment but more often that not it leads to a new exciting adventure.

13 thoughts on “Chasing Steam Trains in the Dandenong Rangers

  1. Hey Annie, i love your adventure stories. Byrons disappointed little face is pulling at my heart strings though. Looks like a brilliant holiday. Love ya


  2. We like to plan but we have already discovered when we had to leave 2 days late on our Odyssey that it’s less stressful to go with the flow.


  3. We are family who does not do a great deal of prebooking either. Therefore on occasion we have missed an intended activity, yet the result often is that we discover and explore a place more indepth. Just as you did at Belgrave.


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