Beach Life

Sandy Cape Nov-15 081

Early summer mornings are spent at the beach, it is where our little family is the happiest. Collecting shells, searching rock pools for crabs, building sandcastles and splashing around in the water.

I have been relishing in some me time and getting my dose of salt water. Training for Swim to Rotto in a duo, getting out on the kayak and recently taking surf lessons.

If the morning is not spent at the beach we often have a bbq dinner by the water. An evening dip and watching the sun set over the water.

Byrons birthday 040.JPG

These gentle mornings at the beach are all about to change as JJ will be starting kindy soon. Don’t worry we will still find plenty of time to enjoy the gorgeous Perth coastline.

This is why I am loving the amount of beach items you can find on The Iconic website. I am currently eyeing off these products.

Iconic1 Whole Hearted Rashie not only protects me from the sun but it stops me from getting stung! The stingers have been bad this year while I have been training for the Rotto Swim.

Seafolly Goddess Twist Halter Maillot, cause you can never have enough pairs of bathers!

Gypsy Roundie towel is spacious so it means the kids can also lay with me as that is what they love to do! It also has a handy strap to carry it to the beach.

Spring Floppy Hat from Morgan & Taylor because I have an obsession with hats! My hat stand is over flowing.

Roxy Lola Maxi Skirt is perfect for the beach.

** Some of the links in this post are affiliated links. If you click to buy the item, I make a little commission but you don’t pay any extra. **


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