Back to Boshack Outback

As soon as we turned off the highway onto a gravel road our adventure at Boshack Outback began. Looking in the rear-view mirror I could see a cloud of red dust, ahead paddocks and bushland. Needing to jump out of the car to open and close the farm gates made me realise we were about to experience an authentic farm stay.

Boshack driveway

It was a last minute decision for the kids and I to visit Boshack Outback. I had time to throw some clothes in a bag and hit the road. There is no hassle of putting up a tent or worrying about what to have for dinner as the tents are a permanent structure and you have the option of preparing your own food or enjoying the meals on offer.Boshack tent

Boshack lakeside tents

Sitting by the lake we watched the sky light up as lightning was crashing in the distance and putting on a magical show. Laying in the tent you could hear the thunder and rain splash on the canvas of the tent. I love the sound of a thunder storm in the stillness of the bush. The children however were not so keen on the noise and took a while to settle into their new environment. Once the storm passed it was just the noise of the bush and frogs croaking that helped us go off to sleep.

Boshack Outback

Boshack lake

We were there for less than 24 hours but in that time the kids spotted lizards, bugs, caught frogs, felt the mud between their toes and took a trailer ride around the farm.

Boshack Farm Tour

We all had a great time but were left utterly exhausted. I think Dixie was also exhausted listening to the kids tell him every detail of our trip when we got home.


This is the second time we have stayed at Boshack Outback and if you would like to know more information about the property you can read my review here.

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