Camper Trailer

We have had an upgrade to a camper trailer. Not quite my normal upgrade to a Dexlue Ocean View room but it is still an upgrade all the same.

Prior to kids Dixie and I camped out in the back of a Troopy. Being with Dixie I knew that I was not heading for a life of luxury since our first date was in a car park at Scarborough beach while he cooked out the back of the Troopy. He was travelling around Australia when we met but that is a story for another time.


For a moment we had a bit more luxury and hi-jacked my parents trip to Monkey Mia and travelled in a Mercades Benz!! It was an old TransPerth bus that my parents turned into a mobile home.


Then the kids came along so we slept in a tent and let me tell you there is not much room in there once you add a portacot and a pregnant belly!!! One trip all four of us slept in the tent and it was a nightmare! The portacot took up most of the space and then the toddler took up the other half of the tent.


Now we have upgraded to a camper trailer and of course we had to upgrade the Landruiser as well cause the Troopy doesn’t fit a family of four. I am loving the camper trailer especially with kids cause we can fit in the portacot, high chair, pram and all the other 50 thousand things the kids need!! I can’t wait until they are older and my camping check list will not look like a novel it will look more like a list!!

Sandy Cape April 2015 005

So that is where we are at with our upgrade and now we just need to start scrimping and saving so we can do a big lap of oz. Or at least we can explore more of the west and get to places like Karijini, El Questro and the list goes on.

I love reading so many blogs about people travelling with kids around Australia. It makes me think that our dream can become a reality. It can can’t it?

4 thoughts on “Camper Trailer

  1. We love our camper trailer…it has been awesome. Our next upgrade will be to a van in a couple of years time as it will be our home for a few years.

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  2. Hey Anne, we just recently bought a camper trailer, we picked it up at easter and the weather here in Melbs hasn’t allowed us to get out again (I’m a fair weather camper!). Hopefully grand final weekend now that we get a public holiday for that too!
    You guys based in Perth?


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