Dream List


Looking at my old travel journals I found my dream list and was surprised at how many things I had achieved. Now I am updating my list and adding new dreams!


✓ Sail on a felucca down the nile in Egypt

Visit Abu Simble in Egypt

Relax on the beaches in Mauritius

See Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe


✓ White water rafting in Bali

Stand on a surfboard in Bali

Snorkel at Sipadan in Borneo

✓ See Orangutans in Borneo

✓ Climb Mount Kinabalu in Borneo

✓ Explore Angkor Wat in Cambodia

✓ Disneyland in Hong Kong

✓ Shop in KL, Malaysia

✓ Jungle trek in Thailand

✓ Boat ride Halong Bay in Vietnam

Australia/New Zealand

Visit the dolphins at Monkey Mia

Travel around Australia as a family

Camp at El Questro

Hike part of the Bibbulmun track

Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef

Swim with Whale Sharks in Exmouth

Visit Mt Augustus

✓ Ride in a jet boat in New Zealand

✓ Skydive over Lake Wanaka in New Zealand


✓ Cycle in Amsterdam

✓ Working holiday live in England

✓ Eat strawberries and cream at Wimbledon, England

✓ Watch a cabaret show in Paris, France

✓ Island hop in Greece

✓ Spend St Patrick’s in Dublin, Ireland

✓ Kiss the Blarney Stone, Ireland

✓ Eat pizza in Italy

✓ Gondola ride in Venice, Italy

✓ Visit Edinburgh, Scotland

✓ Admire the Sistine Chapel, Vatican City

Find the house my grandfather was bought up in, Wales

Northern America

✓ Working holiday in Canada

Dog sledding in Canada

✓ Visit the Mayan Ruins, Mexico

Work at a summer camp, USA

Place a bet in Las Vegas, USA

Family holiday in Hawaii, USA

Helicopter ride over Grand Canyon, USA

South America

Be in Rio De Janeiro for Carnival, Brazil

Visit Easter Island, Chile


Swim to Rotto in a team of four (19.7km open water swim)

Swim to Rotto in a duo (19.7km open water swim)

✓ Do a triathlon (750m swim/21km cycle/5km run)

✓ Run city to surf (12km run)

✓ Play water polo

Learn how to ride a motorbike

Run 12 kilometres in under an hour

Learn Spanish

Sky Dive

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