Lesmurdie Falls

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The dark clouds were rolling in but we needed to get out of the house and go on an adventure. The whole family has been sick, we had to escape these four walls and get some fresh air. We headed to the Perth Hills to explore the spectacular Lesmurdie Falls.

The trek did not get off to a good start with JJ having a tantrum because I packed the wrong shoes! I should have known that cute opened toe shoes with flowers on them are the perfect hiking shoes for my 4 your old. It didn’t take long before the calls of nature turned things around. Once she could hear frogs and spotted wildflowers she had forgotten about her worries and was off exploring.

It is only a short walk from the car park to the viewing platform following the rushing water along the Lesmurdie Brook. With all the winter rain we have had the falls were flowing fast and the view of the falls was spectacular. There is also stunning views of city and beyond, I believe on a clear day you can see Rottnest Island. It turned out to be a perfect day for a bush walk with the rain holding off and pockets of blue sky emerged.

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After we viewed the falls we decided to explore one of the many scenic walking trails. Crossed a footbridge over the brook and made the ascent up the path. I watched in amasement as Master B my 2 year negotiated the rocky paths with easy. He was scurrying over rocks and jumping puddles. It wasn’t that long ago the he would have tripped on every rock in site. He is growing up and becoming extremely coordinated and turning into a little boy.

Having two small children with us I was happy to follow the path along the brook as there are many cascades you can admire. Plus watching and hearing the water rush a long the brook gives you a sense of calm and washes your worries away.

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Lesmurdie Falls is located in the hills east of Perth. Lesmurdie Falls National Park can be found on Falls Road in Lesmurdie.


Several walk trails are available with varying degrees of difficulty.

The Falls Trail. 640m return, Class 2, allow 30 min.

The Shoulder Trail. 1.5km return, Class 3, allow 1hr.

The Cascade Trail. 300m return, Class 3, allow 30 min.

The Foot of the Falls Trail. 2km return, Class 3, allow 1hr.

The Valley Loop Trail. 3km return, Class 3, allow 2hrs.


There is a large car park, three large picnic tables with shade, toilet facilities and rubbish bins.  Disabled access is available to toilets and picnic tables. There is no drinking water so you will need to bring your own.

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